A Preface for Young People



Throughout time many people have written and spoken on behalf of the mystics in their absence; and in many cases have put words into their mouths and redecorated their assertions. Such organisations as state religions, priestcraft, academics, the mass media, and many individuals and false gurus throughout time. It is high time that the mystics of today spoke for themselves first hand and direct, in their own words, and in the language of today. And today, with the aid of modern technology they are beginning to do just that; and their words will be heard without editing. If I, and a few million others, cannot effect your thinking to some small degree then perhaps nothing will, except life itself in due course. But by then it might be a little late; or have wasted a lot of time and experience at least. However, one can only offer direct personal experience to others as food for thought and contemplation for what it is worth, for one cannot give away experience (and its effect) or share it with another. Experience is the food of life and we eat and digest our own.


A word of caution however. Do not believe the things which I say herein and thence leave it at that, but rather, simply read it, read all such genuine accounts relating to exceptional experiences, and thence think and question things for yourself; for that is the start of the journey of becoming more. Correlate that which I offer here with other such accounts. And then start feeling for the truth of things for yourself. Do not let others do your thinking and discovering for you, even though they may help and inspire you at times. For you cannot live life by proxy. Learn what exists to be learned first hand. Come to know what there is to be known. Be conscious of what there is to be conscious of. And above all else, attempt to go beyond that which is known today in order that you can assist in bringing about a better tomorrow for the generations yet to come. Create it in a way which is fitting to leave to your own children; and do it with passion, and above all else with dignity. For that is within your power. Only humanity itself can make this world a better place to live in—for that is a part of our cosmological function and potential, and indeed a project of transcendence itself. The conscious mind is not simply in this universe to observe it, but rather to fulfil it. Before one can truly know the world then one has to know one’s true inner self. And in coming to know one’s self then a person identifies not only with the absolute essence and principle of creation, but the why. And the ‘why’ is even more important than the ‘how’ it works.


When a particle of energy comes into this universe there is instantaneously set up an anti-part. On coming together the two seemingly alienated parts annihilate and that package of energy leaves this universe. In due course a catalytic event ejects that energy back into the universe of space and time and the symmetry of part and anti-part is re-established—but no longer alienated in our case. As it is with matter then so too is it with consciousness.


“I see! I see indescribable depths. How shall I tell you O my son?... How shall I describe the Universe? I am mind, I see another mind, the one that moves the soul! I see the one that moves me from pure forgetfulness (Cosmic Amnesia). You give me power! I see myself! I want to speak! Fear restrains me. I have found the beginning of the power that is above all powers, the one that has no beginning.... I have said, O my son, that I am mind. I have seen! Language is not able to reveal this. For the entire eighth, O my son, and the souls that are in it (Minds), and the angels, sing a hymn in silence. And I, mind, understand”.



Since it has been said that you are my twin and true companion, examine yourself so that you may understand who you are... I am the knowledge of the truth. So while you accompany me, although you do not understand (it), you already have come to know, and you will be called ‘The one who knows himself’. For whoever has not known himself has known nothing, but whoever has known himself has simultaneously achieved knowledge about the depth of all things.”




Oh... no... oh... my god... how beautiful it is! Oh my Love, would that they could know this; would that their eyes could see and their minds understand as to what they are, and from whence they came; the beauty, the truth, the passion. My love, give me the understanding; and give me the words that I might speak of the wonder of being. And let us create Man in our transcendent image.





Within these pages I wall talk to you of that part of each of us which is immaterial, dignified, ageless and evergreen. In so doing I will reveal that which no physical eye can see and which no ear can hear: that which no hand can touch, and which could never occur to the rational mind. For only when your self has been purged of everything which is not your real and enduring self will you then know the paradise of the ground of existence. And therein it will be revealed as to what you are, from whence you come, and why you are here. And thus it is. And so have many in the past intimated; some have promised; but I will deliver such as is revealed in that ground of being here and now.



Dick Richardson

West Somerset. 2000 c.e