Psychic Energy



Space and time run deep in creation, but mind and consciousness runs deeper than physical matter and changing events in space-time. Before the universe was... I AM. You hear it and find it astonishing and ridiculous no doubt. So would I have done. But it is direct experience. And one of course will find out soon enough for oneself, for you cannot stay here for ever. The thing is however, is that such levels of existence and understanding is of little use if this world never comes to know it. And how can it come to know it then? By showing us yet whilst we live on it of course; that is how, and that is the why... so that we know whilst here, and use it. When you give your child a present do you tell it to wait until it is dead before opening it? Is that logical and rational? Moreover, I have said that one learns many things, and connected things, so let us then observe this facet of the so called beast within; for that is also another present for the incarnate being; and a gift to be understood and used wisely.


What would be your reaction if a demented individual were to attempt to torture rape and murder your spouse, lover, or child? Would you sit in passivity and do nothing. Would you phone for the police and hope that they get there in time: or would you turn the other cheek maybe? I doubt that anyone would do that, for even the birds do not do that. You know what you would do; and you would know why you had to do it. And moreover, the chances are that you would summon the strength and the energy to do it... for THE BEAST WITHIN has been awakened and liberated into the world; reserve energy. Beware the monster within when it awakes, for it is like a dragon slumbering in a cave breathing fire and passion.


It is the antithesis and anti-part to the shining and glorious white winged stallion from paradise. Observe all these things well, for a little learning can be a dangerous thing if not digested and synthesised in comprehension. The spirit itself is free of extraneous frequency bands, enharmonic wavelengths. It is tuned to resonance; to the resonance of from whence it came in its primordial cave beyond space and time. The spirit alone cannot exist incarnate in a world of time and space and changing events in its pristine condition. The spirit has to be made suitable and ready for leaving home. It has to be armed and armoured. The spirit cannot walk naked upon the face of the earth, it has to cloth itself with the stuff of the earth, to become as the earth, to eat and digest the earth, to breath and drink of the earth... to KNOW the earth, to understand the earth.


In the beginning the earth was hostile, for the mind was learning. It was too hot or too cold, barren, unfriendly, wild, dangerous like a living monster itself. Man shivered in caves, in darkness, and in fear. But the spirit is indomitable; it watched, cunningly; it observed; it learned the nature of causes and effects, actions and reactions; and it comprehended. It ate from the tree of understanding. It named all things that it may teach its progeny, that they may know without having to re-learn it all for themselves. And it observed patterns, and formed number and reason for its own tools of survival. And in doing these things the world seemed to become less hostile, sunnier, more temperate; life began to smell good; and comprehension began to knit or weld an affinity which man never before felt or knew. The outer monster was becoming a friend by virtue of man’s own thinking, work and efforts. It pays to observe and think.


And little did he realise that one day it would become a lover and dancing partner. Little did they know, and their imaginations could not foresee that; for they were products for their time and place. In the meantime, and time was mean at times, their learning became written upon the inner form itself, and their progeny took over from where they left off, and made in the likeness of all past learning, and without having to think about it; for it was now instinct; written into the genes on the sands of time and space itself. The universe was writing itself. The program was unfolding in form.


The past generations had written the music in the genes, and the children now played the tune. The effort and the learning is never wasted. Nothing is wasted; nothing exists for nothing. And while this was going on the soul was growing another shell around it, and men came to call it the subconscious in due course, or the psychic occult inner forces; the hidden memories, hidden reactions; past fears and darkness, panic, survival tactics; it is all there within you now, for if it is again needed... and the past which runs to the beginning of time; the big bang itself is written on your soul. I know. If civilisation collapsed then it would rebuild again; for it is all there, written on the sands of time and space energy. Paradise has no need of this stuff however.


But the spirit itself (not the psyche) runs deeper than all time and all extension: hence, know thy self; the good, the bad, and the ugly. But if you fear the revelation of your true nakedness then you will cloth yourself in deceit and lies, and you will not walk upon the waves of creation; and the water will not become wine, and the lead will not become gold; and paradise will be unknown to you, and there will be no wedding of the parts on earth during this lifetime... the reciprocal convergence in the consummatum incarnate... the union of paradise on earth... the outer as the inner. Eat all that life has and gives however, and you will know life, and your self.


I am told that if we could totally annihilate every particle of matter in one lump of standard household coal then we would have sufficient energy to power a small modern town for a month. This is conjecture and hearsay as far as I am concerned, for it is not my field. However, there is indeed a powerful amount of energy in there. When one considers also that it is mostly ‘empty space’ as such, then it makes one wonder to be sure. Our physical body and brain is made of all this energy. I am informed also that when a particle is brought forth into this universe then there is made at the same instant an anti-part, a kind of mirror image with reverse polarities. Once again I do not know if this is true, for it is not my field. I do not see why they should say that with conviction and uniform agreement if it is not true however. What is learned however, is that you and I have an anti-part of some kind, and that when our temporal consciousness melds and unites with this mysterious phenomena then we too annihilate.


Which is then followed by the resurrection back into that primordial transcendent reality of mind itself. Extended creation then could almost be said to be like a cell splitting, and then that of symmetry breaking on returning to its primordial condition. After a duration of non moving time we are then ‘expelled’ from that dimension (not for being disobedient) back into an extended field again: re-establishing a symmetry of opposite poles somehow. And albeit to this world, another world; or even some other reality or dimension of incarnate extension and existence somewhere maybe. It may be however, that this universe is the only place that we can come into. My guess would be that this is the case; and it is certainly more than big enough to be sure. I cannot even imagine another kind of extended reality in which we could have freedom and forms; time and space. Unless of course there really is a universe of mirror image polarities (which I strongly doubt), and in which case it would be identical to this one for the beings that lived in it. But I do not accept this as true; for it would be unnecessary creation and overkill. This universe works just fine; and one at a time is enough for everyone.


Another aspect which is not my own field is that of wilful control over psychic energy as some seem to be able to do at times, or maybe to some small degree at least. I know well enough by my own experiences that the energy and field forces are there but I have never knowingly had any conscious control over them; nor have I ever sought to: I do not want it. I have enough problems with freedom at this point. There are those for example who can divine water, indeed millions can it seems: and perhaps many millions more could if they tried. Personally I would rather divine the Divine however; (excuse the pun). I have however, met a few people myself in this world who have spent much of their life attempting to access these energies by self control. If this is as they claim then that would perhaps be the nearest one could prove in empirical and experimental terms that such inner and surrounding energy fields are accessible by human conscious will: but reliable demonstrations are rare indeed.


I would mention however that none of these people with whom I have had direct personal contact have known the inner depth reality of which I relate to them. Yet these are the very people who really listen with a keen ear to what I have to tell them; for they know that there is something deeper than that which they themselves are experiencing, getting at and using. However, when people have these psychic events (and there are many types it seems) one has to ask as to what is really going on in the system. Is it really all what it seems to be on face value alone then? I know well enough that the visions seen during transition (Arkon Image Emanations) are not what they seem to be on mere perceptual vision alone; for they have archetypal meaning. Moreover such events are usually out of the blue for most people, not induced, (myself included) and not a matter of conscious will or intention. If I had known that they were coming then I would probably have tried to avoid them even; unless I knew exactly what was to come—which I did not. I do not go looking for psychic events personally; been too busy with other things I guess.


On the face of it then it seems to be more a matter of an individuals innate sensitivities at work in this or that psychic field and potential. But sensitivities of all kinds can indeed be worked on by wilful volition; and some even honed up by intention. The question is can the spiritual sensitivities (like occult hidden psychic potentials), be sharpened up by self intention during one lifetime? Evidence of experience would suggest that it not only can but is indeed so.  Personally I am more interested in people honing their spiritual reality as opposed to psychic abilities (priorities and all that); for that is even more needed on this world at the moment than hidden psychic powers or bending spoons. I can bend spoons well enough with my hands thank you. Would that I could mould the spirit likewise. Irrespective of control however, when these psychic events do take place then that particular person instantly realises that there are in fact hidden realities to their nature, and deeper profound realities at that. And which is all for the good obviously; and it also gives them much to think about and contemplate upon. The act of deep inner contemplation (not just mere thinking) is itself a catalyst for inner spiritual movement to some degree. Perhaps these more minor psychic experiences are their own system telling them... “Come on, you have a brain and a mind; use it, think, look around you, get a move on; do something; learn and grow”!


Minor psychic experiences are far more common in percentage terms than deep spiritual (mystic) experiences: just as local mystic experiences (Extroverted Mysticism) are far more common than transcendent ones (Introverted Mysticism). The mystic death and resurrection event is far more rare (during a lifetime) than being struck by lightening. Most mystic experiences are local (on earth) events. Some mystic experiences are partially transcendent (like a near death experience for example): and a few mystic experiences are totally transcendent... beyond memory, space and time—beyond the white light of annihilation itself and into the resurrection of the paradise event. However, both local (Extroverted Mysticism) and transcendent (Introverted Mysticism) mystic experiences are both spiritual experiences, (deeper forces and energies than psychic events). The Consummatum Incarnate event is itself a local mystic experience, perhaps the ultimate one, who knows. Local means something from the inner depths coming out to the topside temporal consciousness; whereas transcendent or partially transcendent means the outer consciousness itself going inwards to another depth of the inner hidden reality—hence Introverted Mysticism.


There then comes the very ‘odd’ kind of experiences which cannot really be defined as standard mystic (spiritual) events or the more commonly known psychic potentials and abilities. An example of this is the very current claim of abductions by space aliens. It is impossible to talk sensibly about an experience one has never personally had (difficult enough regard to the ones we do have at times). But on the face of it these so called ‘abduction’ experiences are neither nice nor are they useful in a beings personal inner growth. Indeed, they sound a little more akin to some of the darker psychic experiences known as delirium tremens in drunks to me, a negative kind of experience; (even though negative experiences exist for a good reason and function in the psyche). The system (psyche) certainly can throw up bad experiences, and for its own good reasons and effects.


However, you and I have a psyche. (We do not have a mind, for we are mind). Likewise other people have a psyche. Our own psyche can project both energy and an experience out onto the back-drop of objective energy itself at times... out of the body experience for example. Hallucinations are another example; or communication with other beings in some cases; (although most of this is done inwards, sub-space, not outwards). Now, if we (by volition or not) can project energy outward (inductance or whatever); then so too can other people. So, when one has one of the very ‘odd’ kind of psychic experiences, such as ‘possession’ (so called) then how do they know if it is their own psyche which is doing it (throwing it out there)... or somebody else’s psyche interfering (resonating) with them? Not easy is it!? Could people really be partially ‘possessed’ then; or rather interfered with maybe? I guess that in a more subtle way even love is a kind of ‘possession’ when it is directed toward us from another. But this is very different.


The question then of course is as to how many of these other kind of experiences are personal psychic events and how many are projected from another’s psyche maybe? A difficult one to be sure! Never ever having had an experience of that ilk (possession or abduction) then I am not qualified to say. All I would offer perhaps is that I would have thought that one would know the difference intuitively as to whether one is being ‘got at’ by totally objective forces in the outer world or not. But I may be wrong—but so may they be wrong also; very wrong perhaps.


If beings from outer space however did indeed have the technology to arrive here to observe us then they are not only going to be very far in advance of beings on this earth but they will have evolved into the inner and deeper understanding of their own nature of being more so than we on earth; and they would also be our cosmic twins from that realm also. Thus they would be very smart in more ways than one. Coming to observe us would be like us going out for an evenings entertainment to watch an old black and white comedy movie. Moreover, they would be smart enough also to know that they must not interfere with other life forms. As to whether they might ever come to drop a few subtle hints or not would be a matter of conjecture however. It is true enough that we still molest animals for gaining knowledge (some even for pleasure), but no advanced culture would dream of such diabolical activity. It would be abhorrent and repulsive to them. I know well enough that I would not interfere with life on other planets... other than to watch and learn of course; drop a subtle hint or two in real times of need maybe—hard to say; and that is a moral judgement on our part. It is interesting however that such an ‘occurrence’ has come about just as we ourselves have started thinking about space travel; a coincidence indeed.


The universe is a big place, and to assume that there is no life out there, and probably much like life on this world at that, is a totally unjustified assumption when one considers the amount of life forms on this world alone. Naturally a planet must have the right conditions first, which goes without saying; but there must be many of them: and creation is about life and being after all. This does not mean or imply that where and when life comes to a planet that it will be at the same time and close proximity to other such events. Indeed, other such beings even in this universe may not even be in our time field at all, (relativity and all that). But then again, who cares whether life exists on other planets or not; let us get our own one right. Priorities again. But their world is not our problem, this one is. But it could well be that we have been observed on occasions—who knows; who cares—let us give them a good show and show them that we have got it right.


What is a known fact however is that the psyche can and does at times also project energy from within itself on to the back-drop and energy fields of the world itself. The question being as to what forms and potentials can this energy in fact project. What of the so called visions of ghosts or apparitions? What is really going on in such events, rare though they be in genuine cases? Could this not be the ultimate mode of a projected Arkon Image Emanation maybe—even to the point of actually experiencing the sensation of touch? Things are not always quite what they seem to be in this world—or the psyche. Experience is real enough however, for we never have anything else anyway. We only ever know (have Gnosis) of anything by way of experience; and if experience is NOT experience of something; then we can never ever know anything of anything ‘objectively real’ anyway. The question is as to what it is an experience of.


Genuine psychic experiences indeed have a ‘message’ to convey or a function to achieve in some way. The thing is that if our own psyche can project an energy field or radiation which can be ‘read’ or modulated by another mind, (inductance) then so too can other peoples psyche on us it would seem. So who’s energy field is one dealing with in any one particular psychic experience then? It is not so much a case of souls or psyches overlapping as such but more to do with the ‘wave front’ interferences and inductances of such extended fields it would seem.


Matter is a kind of ‘condensed’ energy itself in so far as senses detect it and our minds understand it; but the consciousness, spirit and soul is made of something less dense; but it is not ‘nothing’, it is also energy of some kind. That there exists such a thing as psychic energy is plain enough to all those who have become aware of it by so many different kinds of direct experiences; and albeit not by choice or intent. I personally became more interested in these outer projections of energy fields when realising that a few individuals on occasions had been observing the vortex of our inner energy and emanation from the ‘outside looking in’ so to speak. Virtually all my own experiences where either from the inside of this vortex looking out or disappearing down inside it altogether (transcendence).


I have met a few however, who claimed to have existed in another field adjacent to this inner core it seemed, and eventually found an obstacle which they could not penetrate, and yet they knew well enough that it was there and something to do with themselves in some way. Their consciousness, it began to seem to me, was actually existing in what I had always called the ‘survival kit’ of the soul field; and they were looking inwards to the central core itself it seems. If this were the case then there obviously existed some kind of barrier field or ‘skin’ between the two aspects of the incarnate soul vortex as there were known to be (by myself) between the actual spirit and the soul proper (and which separate during annihilation). It was of course at that point of hearing what they had to say, that I had to modify my own existing model and understanding of these inner fields and forces as it was at that time developing. Previously I had the understanding of only one vortex (like an inter-dimensional cone or ice cream cornet type structure in analogy). But these people were ‘out there’ on the outside of this thing looking in.


So where the devil were they then; and what field was their consciousness existing in at that precise moment? Were they actually existing in our anti-part emanation maybe, or were they ‘creating’ an extended field which conscious could also flip into? Mysterious! It became obvious to me then that one had to place another ice cream cornet (vortex) outside of the one which I knew: and they were then existing in the space and fields which existed in between these two inner vortices (one vortex inside the other). And this fitted in perfectly well, not only with what I knew from direct experience myself, but also with the conceptual model I had been constructing in my understanding of these things. And to say nothing of having to take so many accounts into consideration. So many people who were telling me identical things were not conspiring for they did not even know each other, and they could not have read it in a book even. For these were not your common psychic events. But neither were they spiritual phenomena in the strict terms of my own definitions.


Think then of two pockets which our consciousness can ‘jump into’—the inner soul itself (the root of which goes down to paradise—or annihilation at least) and the incarnate survival kit field which existed (at least around the top end of it) like a glove around a hand or an insulating layer around a live electric wire. In what energy field does the so called ‘out of the body experience’ really take place in then? It is certainly not associated with the inner core. Moreover, out of body ‘trips’ always return to the inner structural system like the return of a ball on an elastic retainer; they do not stay out there or go to paradise that way. In the ‘dome’ of the white light prior to annihilation one encounters a trinity of our being: three parts of a unified structure all meet up down at that level; a bit like three trunk roads all meeting up and merging into one road, (a good analogy really). Hence a trimorphic entity of selfhood but meeting in one junction.


Consciousness can flip from any one of these three fields to the other quite readily at that level, but it cannot be in two parts at the same instant. It is much like an electric charge cannot exist on both plates of a capacitor at the same time. You cannot be cognitive in two fields at the same time. (I would dread to think of the experiential consequences if it did happen: I think one truly would go mad). Early Western religion had a word for this occurrence, it is the ‘Circumincession of the Trinity’. Somebody knew about this then! It becomes more interesting all the time. Like a detective story unfolding itself—much like the universe is doing.


I have known this Circumincession of consciousness myself directly; and many long years before I ever came to find literature appertaining to it by the way. So what is going on then, and what is consciousness flipping into and out of at such times? And what exactly IS consciousness ‘independent’ of these three intrinsic fields in which it becomes directly aware? Personally I do not think that consciousness exists independently of the fields within which can be made conscious. I imagine it to be something like the lightening strike in a thundercloud. It is the cloud of energy itself which is the medium for consciousness it seems to me: and remember that consciousness can be switched off also—perhaps when the energy of that cloud’s ‘charge’ and conductive potential has drained; been used up.


As I said before, we have to create words for things and forces which are known to exist. Thus it is that the word spirit is as good a word as any other word for that part of our self which exists at the central core or energy cloud of our deepest inner being, (like circles within circles) and in absolute primordial mode at the very base of this vortex of its own emanation—in paradise. A good analogy is in that of water being able to exist in three modes; solid, liquid and gas. We do not enter into paradise from annihilation like walking or floating through a door. It is just like that lightening strike going out in one cloud of energy and then being ‘induced’ into the neighbouring cloud of energy (Paradise in this case). It is a damned good analogy in fact. Consciousness is the awareness of the energy cloud that it ‘lights up’ it seems to me. When leaving paradise one does not suddenly take a left or right turn in ones orbit and then go out through a side door like a billiard ball going into a pocket and out of the ‘universe’ of the table. No, one just stops being there, instantaneously; just as going into it was. There is no journey back to this world. It is as though the return is simply this outer emanation of the cloud (incarnate mind) suddenly illuminated again by that ‘spark’ of spiritual nous. One must remember however that whilst existing on earth during a lifetime that the outer ‘cloud’ is still there waiting to be lit up again: but at death the outer cloud extinguishes, and thus a new one has to made for the reincarnation of that spark of nous. And a new one will carry no memories of past experience, for it has none.


Also, this returning from paradise is nothing like waking up from a sleep. And yet consciousness returning from that paradise event is just like you had never ever been away at all—wide awake, with it, alert. Indeed, it was a damned good thing that near on three hours had elapsed of temporal time or I would never have accepted that it really happened at all.


Our existential reality then becomes that part of our own trinity of energy fields which consciousness is existing in at that moment; and it flips from one field to the other somehow; but it cannot be in any two at any one moment. It is like a charge not being able to exist on both plates of a capacitor (or condenser) at the same instant—it jumps from one to the other. The field which surrounds our innermost core of self not only emanates the physical body itself (from the ‘stuff’ of the outside universe itself) but it also brings forth the field or channel of the inner Arkons, (archetypal image emanations of communication from one part of the mind to another). But the incarnate survival kit images and psychic events which encompasses all past memories, past events of the incarnate mind, potentials, communicative powers, and self projection potentials in times of need or stress, arise from less deep aspects of our being—the Soul cloud, NOT the Spirit itself—and probably all recorded in the genetic coding anyway.


Transition itself (the journey between here and paradise) is like the old story of the Ferryman across the river Styx; with the exception that the symbol leads one to believe of an objective person instead of another part of our self with which each part can have communication with the other. These ancient mystics seemed to know all this well enough—but they certainly seemed to have had problems in relating it: certainly more so than we do today. Their symbols and language about these things however are not suitable for today’s language and comprehension. In fact they cause a lot of problems.


I quite liked the well documented and recent story of the woman who was lost in a ‘white-out’ (blinding thick snow drifts) during a mountain climb. She survived conditions which the human body does not usually survive. Apart from well below zero temperature and surviving, (I think it was two nights), she had no food or shelter. She knew that she had to walk to a place which offered more chance of being found. During this walking she encountered ‘road blocks’, barriers, in her path. These road blocks were not real, they were visions which looked solid. But when she tried to touch them she realised that they were not really there at all. She had the sense however to realise that something was trying to guide her path (knowledge without the knowing or understanding of how or why). She put these visions down to an objective entity which she called a ‘Guardian Angel’. (By virtue of brain washing; just like the Ferry-Man myth, and which many people do just that; by virtue of their mental conditioning and conventional thinking). Well, it certainly worked however, for she lived to tell the story when in fact she should most certainly not have done according to accepted physics and psychology.


‘Guardian Angeles’ have been well documented and spoken of since the year dot in human terms on earth. The consensus belief however is that they are some kind of objective ‘God-creature’ or its ‘subordinate’ out there in physical space and time. Not so. Before they make assumptions as to what these things really are then it would be better to come to learn a little more about the deeper nature of oneself and our various connected inner parts and the very mysterious fields of inner energy. Not only can these fields of energy be directly known and experienced by being IN them; but it would seem that some, albeit a very few, do have some kind of potential to tap into these energy fields at times by their own effort and will. An interesting point in this case is the ‘road barrier’—for that is a modern day implement. Cave men did not see road barriers did they; hence archetypes are still being formed within the psyche; ones that you and I will understand today in a modern world. Hence the Soul evolves.


Such inner forces are doing their own respective tasks all the time whether we are conscious of them or not; and when they convey a message then it must then be understandable to the thinking rational mind whilst the thinking mind is still existing in the outer temporal mode of being (the world). The deeper one goes into the soul then the less symbolic (archetypal) communication there becomes. Paradise itself has no meaning; it is the thing meant. However, it is the becoming conscious of these events which is the mind-blowing event initially. Indeed, if you took the time to think of it then I am sure that you would realise just how miraculous it is that we become aware of anything at all even. Consciousness and Cosmic awareness is the greatest miracle in creation. Comprehension is about on the same par, or even a notch up maybe! Consciousness is a miracle. Personal consciousness is the miracle of all miracles; and irrespective of where it is existing.


If you bombard germs and bacteria in dark water (for the light protects them) with electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency band then their shields go down and you can zap them... without using chemicals in the water. One could go on like this for a whole book. Hundreds of books even. Moreover one could write a hundred books (given the time and the interest) on human spiritual and psychic events recorded from the year dot right up to today. And it will go on going on, for it is what we are and how we function. But this ‘Guardian Angel’ however is one facet of our own trinity of being. Heaven only knows how it works, for I certainly do not. All I know is that it is there and that it functions for what it is designed to function for; and for its duration. One can call it the sub-conscious: (below normal daily consciousness) but one becomes conscious of being IN IT (when in it); and our consciousness can indeed actually exist IN IT, and while observing our other parts to boot, by way of this Circumincession of the trinity. But like so much else regarding these things they can only be proved to us by life itself—by them happening. They cannot be proved in a clinical tool shed, for the psyche only operates when it HAS to operate; and it does not operate simply for fun and games in the tool shed to prove its own existence for scientific endeavour or mere curiosity value. And can science prove that you enjoyed your last meal? Does it have to be proved? Is it not its own proof? Indeed, the psyche may indeed play ‘games’ at times (there is psychic humour but I am not going into that one here), but the ‘games’ are of its own reasons and time, and even then for a reason and purpose to do with this outer life: I have had a few, and that I know. To assert while in ignorance that these things do not happen is much like saying that music does not exist in the grooves of an old record when there is no access to obtaining that music from it. You cannot prove it until you put the record on the correct equipment and then listen to it. You cannot prove it without ‘doing it’.


Regarding these things you cannot prove it until IT ITSELF proves it to you by revelation. It is like paradise—it can be received but not stolen. It is like the ineffable itself—knowable yet not definable. Hence the saying ‘Life’s secret teachings’. They are taught only on the inside of our being as indeed any experience is—even self existence. Prove that the man or woman standing next to you is a living being with consciousness and sensitivities. You cannot; for only THEY know it to be true: you and I know it only by implication of what we ourselves are like. Their consciousness, and how they experience BEING, is their secret shared only with the Divine Order of being and their self. It is the same for every living entity in existence, and yet unique to them all. Every object in the universe also has its own space and time, but at root they all share the same dimension and time—or no time in this case.


One could of course belong to the belief system which is the extreme right wing of Idealism called Solipsism in which they say ‘Only MY mind exists’! Idealism is the belief that only mind itself exists and that all else is some kind of projected illusion of a mind. But a universe of some kind is out there right enough, and probably much like we do in fact come to experience it by way of the senses; although not obviously exactly AS we experience it by the five outer senses. There IS however, something out there with which the human mind or psyche interacts like a wave front of two energies interacting: and at that wave front creation as we experience it is ‘created’. The physical universe as we experience it in our daily lives would not exist (that way) if we did not exist. So what is it that is really ‘out there’ then? It cannot be known (by experience), for knowing is from the inside. It may well be deduced however. And you and I do not create the power of deduction and inference; they too are natural facets of the mind.


You and I do not put the physical universe out there then, but we do ‘modulate’ the energies which ARE out there and objective to us, by interacting with them. And in such a way that the interaction of such wave fronts manifests a tree or a mountain in the way in which we DO actually experience them. The colour IS created in our mind—but the cause of the colour effect in mind is objective. The sound IS created in our mind: so too with the smell and the touch and the taste. There does not exist a band of coloured music made of light floating around out there in the universe of space and time; yet still we can come to see it and exist within it... by deeper forces within.


So how did these inner fields and sub-space come about? And what is really out there in the objective world/physical universe which is absolutely objective to us—and yet which our physical body is a part of and made of? Whatever is it? Creation itself of course is not dualistic in the absolute sense, there is only one creation. But creation itself is not only created in a dualistic mode of the ‘I and Thou’ (observer and the observed), but even more so in a triplicity mode; a trinity itself. This trinity is not the creator, it is us and all creation itself. However, consciousness can exist in three fields, dimensions, and consequently know them...


(1) Formative Consciousness: (this world of time and space). (2) Transitive Consciousness: (the journey home to our root of mind—soul space and time). (3) Essential Consciousness: or Paradise Consciousness: (of essences beyond moving time—a permanence now beyond differentiation and change).


These fields, are a fact of direct experience. It is also very strange indeed that there is no known ‘return trip’, as I have said, from that paradise consciousness. (No known journey back that is). This of course could simply be that consciousness is switched off during that return trip back up the vortex of the psyche; for there is nothing to learn on the way out. But somehow in creation there is a ‘circular’ movement of some kind and some how. From the womb of eternity to incarnate creation—home via the soul cloud for preparation, and then returning to the womb of eternity again—like the extended nature of the implicate order being sucked back into the implicate order again; like creation breathing in and breathing out. (Paradise is a bit like existence holding its breath!). And all this work, energy and process, is not brought forth just to happen once.


It certainly seems to me from hindsight of all these things that the objective physical universe is some kind of ‘life sacrifice’ (or personal consciousness sacrifice anyway) for us to exist within! And that our own mind and existence is some kind of ‘worm-hole’ through all reality itself. Quite a thought to be sure. Matter goes into a black hole. We (mind) go into a white hole! Very strange: very strange indeed; and very interesting. Some religionists talk about their creator as though they knew all about it and what it wanted. The less they know then the more they believe that they know it seems to me. Ignorance may be bliss after all it seems.


But first they should come to learn a little about their self and the true nature of reality as it really is known by direct experience; and perhaps then build their temple a little closer to home... in the mind itself. For that IS the temple of the Divine Order. These things of BEING will never be known and experienced by bricks and mortar; but only in the mind soul and spirit itself. Never mind the churches and the synagogues. Never mind the books and the icons. Never mind the actresses and the bishops. The only way in which you will communicate with the Divine Order of being is with your mind; soul and spirit, inwards. And you carry that with you wherever you go. You can no more become isolated from the Divine Order of Being than you can from your self... even in Limbo—and even though you do not know it in Limbo. But I do know from hindsight.


Think about these things on quiet occasions. Also contemplate upon them while relaxed and alone; for thinking and contemplation is good for the mind soul and spirit. It is also good for your own inner movement and spiritual evolution. But thinking is hard work is it not? But do not let others do it for you... not regarding these things anyway; for this or that person may be very foolish and totally ignorant of these things. Or they may be clever, but with vested interests of their own at stake. Close your spiritual eyes and you will remain blind and then led by others who are also blind; and they will lead you into roads which lead nowhere except their own pocket. Do not dance to another’s tunes, but become the singer of the song of life yourself. Think then, of the structure and emanation of the sum of your being. It is like an inverted pyramid, like a vortex of energy going back beyond time; narrow at the bottom with its beginning in paradise; and wide at the top with its feet on the earth. As the universe expands so too does the comprehension of the incarnate mind. For the incarnate mind is halfway between the point of no duration and the extended sum of the multiplicity in time and outer space. But all that which is now done and past is within you now; you are made of it. We can each let out of ourselves the productive or the destructive elements; and that we can choose to do: that is our freedom of choice. The greatest gift in creation is freedom from the divine and the power of intention.


The sun and moon is outward; and paradise is inwards. In space co-ordinates the sun is about ninety-million earth miles and the moon but twenty-four thousand. In time co-ordinates the sun is eight minutes ago and the moon but a quarter of a minute ago. How long ago is the end of your nose? How long ago is the dead centre of consciousness; and the eternal now? Yes indeed, how far then and how long ago is paradise? You are closer to it than anything else in creation; and yet you do not come to see it do you? For you are looking out beyond the sun and the stars; beyond yourself. For the deepest mystery of all time and all space... seek within... know thyself!


Listen to the mystics for they offer you a thread, like a torchlight in the dark, that you may seek within yourself and find that jewel in the crown at the dead centre of that mystic cave for your self. And in that mystic death and resurrection is then revealed eternal life and the Divine Order of being. These things are not objective to you, you are connected to them... you ARE them. The only monster is within your self, a part of your incarnate survival kit. A part of the incarnate soul field itself (not the spirit). The soul field is in two parts. One part is for the personal record only in some mysterious way; while the other part is for the memory and energy of group survival on earth, the monster within IS the incarnate survival kit.


On the day of ‘judgement’ (discrimination and separation of the parts) there will be two in the field; one will be taken and one will remain. In the dimension of the soul (during transition) there will be two in that field (the Arkon Field of the psyche). One will be taken (which includes the personality and the survival kit—the so called monster), in the act of annihilation in the white light of the trinity; and in the act of the discrimination of the parts (the separation of the parts). And then one will remain... the absolute pure spirit which came from paradise only; and back into paradise itself... spirit unto spirit... the modulated becomes demodulated back into its own inner eternal resonance.


It is much like the demodulation of a radio wave but the other way around; for the ‘writing’ is wiped off the carrier wave. The writing is wiped off the wall; and that is the last act of purgation itself—annihilation; having all things taken from you except that which you are in paradise... your real enduring self. The carrier wave of being is the pure unmodulated spirit. The outer emanations are dissolved into thin air when the insubstantial pageant has faded, leaving not a rack behind... except the pure and unadulterated spirit of being; the child of creation... home from its wanderings in the mansions and aeons of space and time. Just as the mystic learns to wed his or her consciousness to the inner soul dimension and spirit then so too is it possible for others to wed their consciousness to the survival-kit department of the soul field... to some degree at least. But I tell you in all truth, that the outer soul is one to have its doors closed unless opened either in an emergency in times of need; or unless knowing what you are doing and why and how. And at such time it is instinctual and subconscious that such door opens and the forces are let loose in the world.


Open this pocket (Pandora’s Box) of your own accord, and for your own petty reasons, and you reap the reward of things you do not know, understand, or need to know. They can be used for good also, and when naturally used: but first you must know how to use them. And this is what the ancients referred to as good and dark forces, or magic even. But in contrast to this the innermost dimension of the soul has its own kinds of powers and forces; powers and forces which are emanations directly in conductance with the central core (the spirit itself).


These are not things of good and evil, they are things and forces of eternity and time. They are both necessary, and they both function every day, every moment of your life... and even whilst sleeping. They do not only work when you are conscious of them. Indeed, all your thoughts, feelings, learning of the day, fears, hopes, and aspirations, are all taken into these fields, churned over, digested and synthesised... and then... and then, they write results upon the blank pages of the genome for future generations to replay your vibes if need be.


These inner dimensions cannot be tapped and drawn upon too readily as some would have you believe. Some have learned a little of them however, and even some degree of minor control of simple aspects of that power. But most simply experience events at times; events that migrate up into consciousness for a specific effect upon the conscious temporal mind and the personality. Observe and learn these things when they occur, for there will come a time incarnate when such forces will become more accessible throughout evolution; and by then we will have become a little wiser in the use of such inner power; for power without the wisdom to use it right is the recipe for destruction and chaos.


So, be careful of your dreams and aspirations, your fears and your ideals... for your children will eat of them. Such is the power of creation; such is the gift; and such is the way of things. ‘Here is creation and the energy my love, and here is life... make of it what you will: form your own gift; but create in the likeness and the wisdom of your eternal spirit and in the judgement of your soul... and let us create man in our image’. There is no such thing as objective forces of good and evil, or nice and nasty other than that they exist in all living beings also. All such things are but cosmological necessities of the act of our being; they are needed in the system.


Mankind has now attained to knowledge and power over the atom. It is high time also that he attained to a greater knowledge and power over his soul and miraculous gift of freedom of choice in his and her actions on earth, and to give equilibrium to the earthly powers. Intelligence without innate wisdom is not only alienated from self; but destructive power if used in ignorance. But time is made for mind not mind for time; and mind is made for cognition... KNOWING. Mind can and does bring order from chaos. The mind is not simply in this universe to know it but also to fulfil it. There comes the time of the inner Sirens call from the deep; and if we care to listen, then one magic day it will drag you down to the rocks, the very foundation of the deepest depths; home from whence you came... be there when it calls; and then you will affirm—“Ah, oh yes, now I see, now I understand... and now I ACT.” Fear not the darkness; for in ignorance we grow, learn and come to understand. Creation is so clever. We come for a purpose, and we fulfil that purpose. Ab uno disce omnes. Ad majorem Dei gloriam!


Despite all things that come our way in life we can still dream of our ideals. Never let the rain of transient misfortune wash those dreams away from you. Never let fear erode those higher values. And just think, if there were no value or purpose in life (as some seem to think), then you have even gone one better than the life force itself: and it might just learn from you. Think on this: Nothing will happen if you do not make it happen: but once you have done something then it cannot be undone by time or anyone else; and you must make that conscious choice each day; and thence live with the results; as must all others also live with your deeds on earth. Let the beings in paradise rest in Divine peace; but the earth is for us; and movement, action, and becoming. Let us create incarnate man in the image and quality of our primordial consciousness at root. We think; therefore we CAN bring order out of chaos; and we will! For harmonious order is good. So be it.


The world and universe around us is beautiful beyond measure, and it is our responsibility and duty to creation itself for us to emulate that beauty within ourselves, and to give out from within us only that measure which is befitting to it. As you would do for your child then do also for the world itself. There is no reward for this task, this duty, other than the reward of the effects which come from those actions, those dreams and ideals. That is unconditional love; and there is nothing greater to which you and I could ever aspire to achieve.












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