A Model of Reality



In order to link concepts and ideas as they relate to a structure, even an intangible structure such as the mind/psyche, it naturally helps to create a model in the minds eye. As with any theory or hypothesis known phenomenon must fit in with the concept. Anything which exists, irrespective of what or where, must have its own structure and system of dynamics. Such questions as to the difference between psychic and mystical experiences for example beg such questions as to how do they relate to each other and the whole, and what is going on; and where. A transcendent aspect to our being is a fact of life, so how then is it structured and where is it?


This of course is a model which presumably could never be substantiated as either being right or wrong in terms of empirical observation, for we will never be able to take a picture of it, or stick a knife into it to carve it up for analysis, or stand objective to it. But it certainly helps when thinking, talking, and listening to events of this nature and correlating documented accounts of different types of experience. We know very well that some types of experience are common, some less so, and some very rare. We come to learn that some experiences and visions are symbolic, while others are not. How could an outside hallucination correlate with a near death experience vision for example. These things happen, so there must be answers, and there must be a system of dynamics which cause them to happen. Moreover, and as I have gone to pains to point out, these experiences effect the person; so how, where, why? Such a model cannot be useful in the sense that a road map is, but it can and does help when thinking about these events and discussing ones own ideas and theory regarding them. My own theory of this structure is one I have come to call the Double Vortex Theory. It is based on my own and other peoples experiences which I have discussed and/or simply read about over the last twenty years or so.


Daily observation gives us the impression that we are a free floating object in space and time. That is to say a hoop could be passed over us to demonstrate that we are not connected to any other physical object on earth, or elsewhere. This model would first and foremost give a very misleading impression when saying that our inner depths are connected to a transcendent level of reality, and which they are directly experienced to be. The implication would be that the transcendent paradise and other such mystical and psychic events are conscious events inside our skull and would thence disintegrate with the physical body. But this is certainly not the case as it is experienced to be. Given that such events are consistent, albeit rare, then how is it done and where is the structure?


We obviously know far more about the physical nature of the universe than did people of two, three, and four thousand years ago—including the mystics of those times. And consequently our conceptual understanding, language and descriptions will differ on that score at least, and even though the experiences are the same. Religions give the impression that whatever it is they believe in is objective; somewhere outward and seemingly upward, probably beyond the sky (heaven only knows where), and to which we are not directly connected. Whereas I am saying the complete opposite—that the transcendent paradise is within. But within is not what it seems to be on face value; hence better to say that the transcendent level of being is inwards. One could also ask as to where is the location or point of the big bang relative to where the physical universe is now. Or where is the centre of the Cosmos. It seems to me that the structure of the mind is not so very different from the structure of the physical universe itself. Moreover, if a principle of dynamics works, then why should not the nature of things make use of it elsewhere?


So how do we go about looking at this in a way that makes some sense and fits with all the experiences? We are obviously not connected to any other object in the perceived physical universe, and yet all mystics agree that everything is connected to everything else. How come? How could there exist instantaneous action at a distance when nothing (assuming that is correct) can travel in space faster than the speed of light? And light is sure not instantaneous, albeit quite fast. Why are there more types of psychic experience than mystical experiences? How could it be said that an object occupies a point in space whilst at the same time saying that the object moves through space? Why does there exist less and less to be experienced as consciousness travels down this so-called tunnel? Why is the final level (paradise or the ground of being) the same experience for everyone? How does one account for the infinite accounts of ‘coincidences’ which directly (or indirectly) have a real tangible affect on our lives?


The Double Vortex Theory at least answers these questions in large measure and gives a sensible explanation without creating a paradox or requiring gap-fillers. The irony at this point in time is that science would both understand and think along these lines more readily than religions would. Actually the model is very simple really. Moreover, it is nothing like as way out as the scientific notion that worm-holes could connect different universes. We have no scrap of evidence to justify a theory that parallel universes exist at all; it is pure imaginative speculation, and one that would require the ultimate in cosmic overkill to get a job done. But the things of which I and many others talk are experienced every day, and have been since mankind first existed here, and hence require an explanation. Such things may well be thought of by some as a miracle, but if so then how are such miracles of creation done, and how do they all fit together?


It is best to begin the analogy with a house brick or a lump of physical rock. One can also pass a hoop over a house brick if thrown in the air, so that too is obviously not connected to anything in the perceived universe either. So how is the house brick connected to the big bang, or its own ground of being? The answer is obviously inwards. There is nothing in this universe which contains its own causation or exists independent of the structure which brings forth its emanation. Everything is a product of a lower, deeper, level of reality. Call them dimensions or inner levels of structural reality if you will. Moreover, if we took away all the structure which brings forth a house brick, then the brick would not exist (purgation for the house brick). By the same token if there were no transcendent realm, ground of our conscious being, then we would not exist either. We can never ever be disconnected from our root causation no more so than matter could be. Now, if we could travel down the inside of the stuff (vortex) of the house brick we would eventually go back to its origin. Thus there is an interdimensional energy vortex of levels of reality within it. At the top of that emanation we observe the finished product, the incarnate or universal form, or formation viz. the house brick. Go down the inside of our own physical brain, for example, and one comes to cells, then molecules, then atoms, then atomic particles. Go further down the inside of the bulk of that structure and one comes to a trinity of quarks. We are then in a dimension of a trinity; three kinds of reality—two up one down, or the other way around depending on whether you popped down inside a proton or a neutron. Eventually one would come to the ground of its existence where there is only one thing—the paradise of house bricks and all physical matter/energy.


The mind is obviously different and far more complex in its structure or emanation than unconscious matter. However, all creation is seen to be wide at the top and narrow at the bottom; like a funnel, hence a vortex of energy emanation, and yet still very much connected to its original ground. In our case it is the ground of conscious being; or primordial mind. If it were possible to see and experience all those levels then it becomes clear that there is more to see (variety of forms) on the surface of the earth than there would be at the level of quarks for example. Thus the further that consciousness seeps back down its own vortex then the further one goes down into creation itself, and the less and less there is to experience at that level. This is why the ground of our being is a oneness. There is only one thing to see and we all see it identically, for that is what consciousness experiences at that initial level. However, come back very close to the top of our own vortex (the immediate subconscious levels of the mind) and there is so much that one can see and a whole variety of types of experience therein. Introverted Mystical experience (Transcendent Mystical experience) is at the bottom of this vortex of emanation. Psychic experiences, for the most part, are at and near to the top of it.


Thus, when people have a near death experience, or if they indeed go all the way, their consciousness travels across the proverbial river Styx; the inner darkness of their own personal vortex structure. But the mind or psyche is not a house brick; and moreover, there is the fact that the psyche itself also generates experiences within those levels—that is to say symbolic images for the conscious being to see, and intuitively understand therein. It is a bit like one part of the structure in dialogue with another part, or the spirit (consciousness and essence of the being) in communication with the soul (incarnate or temporal psyche). It is so plainly obvious from hindsight that many who assume they have been in direct contact with the absolute creative life force itself at that level have simply been in contact with their own soul (or recorded data program) and inner levels of structural reality—the soul being a specific layer, dimension, of the lining of the vortex of our emanation itself.


In ‘normal’ daily reality our outer sensory data is very restricted, and within narrow bandwidths of frequencies. Imagine what it would be like if they were to change around. Suppose we heard that which we normally see; touched that which we normally smell; saw things that we normally heard, so on and so forth. The physical universe would be something else again to perception. And not as good I would imagine. Personally I like it as it is; so no problem. Imagine if we could actually see every energy and structure in creation and all the angles and dimension of therein. I guess it would look pretty rough and boring. Probably something like a ten dimensional spiders web. Or more probably just a horrible mess like a vast ball of meaningless string.


I obviously use the terms universe and cosmos to mean two different things. Many use them synonymously. I use the term physical universe in the same way that physics does. But I use the term cosmos, or cosmos of creation to include everything which exists anywhere, not just physical objects and energies thereof, but also the sum of all vortices and inner structural levels of reality. Just as a human body and topside consciousness are the surface of our own individual vortex of emanation so too do we have our inner vortex of emanation. Also of course this perceived universe is the surface of all such vortices. In a strange kind of way there is no such thing as ‘the’ universe as such, other than sum of the vortices which comprise it. Thus we are not ‘in’ the universe, like being in a jam jar, but we are a part of it. When our consciousness seeps down inside its own vortex of emanation, then consciousness is not ‘in’ the universe at all; it is elsewhere, below it; but still of course in the cosmos of creation. Naturally if we are still actually alive on earth at that time then our body is still a part of the universe whilst consciousness is elsewhere; indeed, even as it is during dreaming. One does not have to be dead in order to dream. The implication and experience is that one does not have to be dead to experience the level known as death and the dimension to which the dead go. Dead means that the being and its life force is no longer here on earth.


At death (the one where you do not come back again) the physical body is no longer functional and therefore disintegrates; and consciousness cannot get back up a vortex which does not exist. However, if you die whilst still alive (Introverted mystical experience) the vortex is just fine; so we can come back up it again. From the beginning of our time on earth the genuine mystics have said that in order to know this world, and oneself, you first have to leave the world behind. And those mystics were absolutely correct; spot on. Not surprising then that those who undergo near death, or in fact temporary death, immediately begin to experience the initial events of mystical transcendence, for as I see it, they are one and the same thing: one is for real and the other for… well, a project of transcendence I guess. The question arises as to why most people under anaesthetic have no experience during that time. I do not know the answer to that one; but I would imagine that it is akin to the dreamless sleep effect. Consciousness certainly does not seep down this vortex during either dreams or dreamless sleep. Consciousness can obviously be switched off without it actually moving into another mode. If death were as is envisaged by the oblivion belief, then that would be the same as dreamless sleep—but much longer, forever. No particular problem with that scenario as far as I would be concerned. No existence means no problems, and no rent to pay.


However, that is a very simplified version of the vortex. In reality it is far more complex than that. The term I use is the Double Vortex. This means that there is one vortex within the other. Permeating right down the centre of these two vortices, there is a kind of hole for want of a better word (the so-called tunnel), as in the vortex when you pull the bath plug out and the water goes down the plughole. Imagine now then that we have two ice-cream shaped cones. Put one inside the other. Fill the inner vortex (ice-cream cone) with sand and then pass a drinking straw down through the centre of the sand (with no sand in the straw). Now cut off the bottom of the two ice-cream cones enabling the straw (and whatever travels in it) to pop out of that structure altogether into a different reality—the paradise of the transcendent realm. 


Thence the mind/psyche is seen to be a kind of wormhole itself—back down to its origin. Much like a lift-shaft in a building taking the passenger (consciousness) to the basement of that building and from whence it originally came up. Envisage however, a gap between the bottom of our structural vortex and that of the transcendent realm itself. We now have a structure, which from the outside would look a bit like an exclamation mark! Except that the top of the line is far wider than the bottom; like an inverted pyramid. Now, the gap which exists between the ice-cream cones and that of the transcendent realm is something which we can never ever know anything about. Why? Because it is death in the existential sense; or that is to say the oblivion of conscious existence; and which I guess is the same thing. Well, that is to say that consciousness is switched off whilst traversing that gap at least. If we are no longer conscious then that is tantamount to being dead as far as we are concerned at least. Moreover, I do not think we would want to actually experience whatever it is that happens when the spirit is stripped from the vortex of the psyche at that mysterious annihilation and resurrection event. There certainly comes a point, at the bottom of a vortex, where we are switched off, and then… nothing, no experience at all. Then we are switched on again—in Paradise. Thus, consciousness was experienced to have been annihilated and thence resurrected again—resurrected into the transcendent realm.


We are so very different in that transcendent mode of consciousness that one would never believe it until one knew it for oneself. And of course, when you know it, and especially whilst still there, then you do not have to believe it, for you ARE IT. Many ask as to how ‘real’ does it seem to be at the time. In a manner of speaking it is even more real than this world is; for this world and the whole universe changes every second, whereas that realm never changes; for there are no changing events therein—other than our popping in and out of it. But that does not comprise a change regarding the place/dimension itself. So, whereas the world and universe are transitory, that realm is known to be eternal; and we are all connected to it. It is our home, our ground, it is the Virgin Womb of Eternity and Primordial Consciousness. It is not a woman, it is not a man, it is not a being; it is a place, a dimension, a level of conscious reality. But it is a very mysterious, profound and wonderful place to be sure.


Consciousness then, and whatever that is made of, travels down a central… what word shall I use—pipeline, hole, at the centre of the vortices. Imagine like a lift-shaft in a building. I guess you have heard people describe travelling down a tunnel in near death experiences. Well, it is much like that. A funnel would be a better description. The tunnel does not have hard glossy walls however. The tunnel is through the psyche itself. Within that structure there exists the records of every stage of evolution that ever was. The ‘sand’ in the psyche is the stuff of creation at those levels, and it is written upon—just as you and I write upon it now with the quantum effect in computers. Creation is much like a computer program in analogy.


There are two vortices as I envisage it. One is presumably the record data of the evolution of the species, and one is the evolution of ones own individual program (soul). Souls do not go to paradise, consciousness does. Souls end before the paradise level. The soul, from hindsight, is seen to be the inner of the two vortices, and that, the Psyche and survival kit being predominately the outer vortex. The outer vortex is the part that one does not want to get caught up in—unless you have a twisted sense of humour and adventure that is. For there are indeed dark and fearsome forces there. Moreover, this is one very long journey and at terrific speeds at times, or so it is experienced to be. But there are levels where consciousness can and does stop in its movement for a while, for there are things to be synthesised, a process to go through at each level, and things to be learned. So, unlike myths we do not fly up to heaven or climb the pearly staircase but rather we gravitate back down our own vortex of emanation to the paradise of our original mode of being from whence we came in the first place; like going home—and which is exactly what it is. Mind is not from this world or even this universe.


You have no doubt heard the term Purgation, and it is true. We go through a process of purgation. But it is not what the Christians think it is. Purgation means to have things taken away from you. Everything (the further we go down the inner vortex) is stripped away from us. But that is by virtue of our going deeper than the level where they are found at. So it is not like skinning a rat. One of the very last things to go is memory of oneself as a personality on earth. But there is a point where that also goes (annihilation). But it has not gone anywhere, it is you, consciousness stuff, which has simply gone deeper than where memories and data are written onto the energy at those levels. Memories are recorded not in a big gold book on St. Peters desk, but in the energy of the psyche and soul. Did you ever wonder why so many people undergo a life review when flying down that plughole of self-existence? All the memories, information, data, is there within the psyche. And depending on need the psyche can present them in many ways, either just recollections, remembering them, or creating pictures to see them—experience has to be digested and synthesised. Experience is not for nothing: nothing is for nothing.


So, the walls of this psyche structure are very wide compared to the passageway of consciousness which goes down through it. One person described them well as a hedgerow of visions and information. A good way of looking at it. But not too many people manage to see into those walls at all. Now, another strange thing which seems to crop up is that at times some purely psychic experience can move from topside consciousness not into the tunnel of the river Styx but actually into the wall structure of the vortex—the psychic fields. Therein reside (are stored) species memories it would seem. They are all there presumably in case they are needed again in an emergency. Creation seems to cover its tracks well and keeps good records. It sounds like going from the sublime to the ridiculous does it not. But these inner fields can be and are known and experienced directly. However, let us leave this for a while as this will suffice for now as a working model but we will make many references to it later. Keep in mind for now the analogy that going home is much like a floppy disk being reformatted—all the data being wiped off except that of the operating system itself.


The existing scientific paradigm has it that the physical brain creates consciousness. For science to assume such is no problem, but to teach it as a fact of reality when they do not know it to be a fact of reality is not scientific and defies their own principles of operation; and it is wrong. It is much like stating that ice creates water. The mystics argument is that mind/consciousness existed before the big bang and always exists, and that in absolute reality the stuff of consciousness is all that there is originally at least, and originally means at the deepest depth of anything that there is. However, or so would go the argument, consciousness can be switched off. Indeed it can, even chemicals can switch it off, anaesthetics; and dreamless sleep itself does a good job of it. So too does annihilation by the way. The irony is that I personally find that unconsciousness is one of the most amazing things in existence, and thank the powers that be for it; and unconsciousness is also just great. No consciousness means no problems. However, does the fact that consciousness can be switched off prove that the brain creates it? No, it does no such thing. Imagine the brain being like that of a radio transceiver. That is to say that it can both receive and transmit data. Imagine then that the brain was the machinery that connects (and modulates) transcendent consciousness to the perception of this so-called physical universe in a dimension of changing events.


Now if the ‘valves’ of the brain were closed (like a tap in water pipe) then consciousness would not be able to pass through it into the outside world or dimension thereof. Therefore a blow on head, or sleep, or anaesthetics would simply result in closing those connection points or turning off the taps which allows consciousness to perceive a physical universe. We also know well enough that unconsciousness does not equate with non-existence. True, one can call it non existence from the point of view of not being conscious of anything, but we can be, and are, woken up again, and carry on from where we left off, and with all the machinery operating as before; much like the software within the hardware of a computer. Paradise is much like being put into a cosmic draw for a rest. This indeed could well happen with consciousness switched off—but it isn’t. Moreover, if we were never made conscious of that level of being then we would never know it and never learn and be effected by it. We Have to know. Nothing is for nothing. Unconsciousness does not then imply death and everlasting oblivion of the phenomenon which can be made to be conscious. This ‘being switched off’ business makes it self-evident that you and I are not consciousness per se on the bottom line. We are something which can be made conscious. We can never know what that ‘stuff’ is; all we can know is that its existence is axiomatic; hence the words spirit or essence of being at least points to it. Likewise, on the bottom level of physical matter we cannot even know what that is, and yet the stuff serves its purpose just fine.


It may or may not be the case that on the bottom line the stuff of which consciousness is made is the same stuff of which the physical universe is also made; but this certainly does not imply that in some mysterious way that the physical universe is itself conscious for it is obviously a very different process of emanation and structure. However, it is just as conceivable that there exists two ultimate modes of reality as it does for only one mode to exist. Either way there is no dichotomy of mind and matter as far as I am concerned. Consciousness has to perceive of existing somewhere in something, and a physical universe is just fine by me.


As medical equipment has improved over the years it is capable of bringing people back who would otherwise have died, and the more it improves then it seems to be the case that the greater depths of near death that they can be retrieved from, and hence the deeper their inner experience will have seen down to. Not everyone reports any conscious activity however, and their experience or lack of it is akin to dreamless sleep, oblivion. What inner working I wonder actually ‘decides’ or triggers the actual death process. We do not know. However, this is a book about transcendent experience not near death experience. But nevertheless the correlation’s with regard the two phenomena are too closely related, at least during the early stages of the mystical death, to assume anything other than that they are a part of the same event of consciousness; but with different causes. Likewise are the effects of near death experience identical in a persons changed viewpoint, feelings and attitude. For they too, by and large, report being more sensitive, more involved in life, less egocentric, and with changed values or an enhancement of their old values, like being topped up with vitality, and spiritual oomph and a greater empathy with the essences of things. And how do we know that even near death experiences are not instigated by the psyche itself? Are near death experiences an accident or are they somehow inwardly contrived for effect?


It is useful to use the terms spirit and essence in different contexts at times. I will try to explain. If we decide to call that part of ourselves which exists in the transcendent reality as our spirit (certainly not the soul) then the things which it actually knows whilst there can be referred to as essences. In a way they are the same thing, for that is the mode and reality of that level of being. But in a mysterious way one can still differentiate between the knower and the known; and it is axiomatically the case that the essences of which are known by that spirit in paradise is the direct link or creative umbilical cord which connects us to… to what—the life force itself; to that of no created thing. I attempt to talk of these essences in another chapter. Suffice to end this chapter with the words of an anonymous ancient mystic:


“Since it has been said that you are my twin and true companion, examine yourself so that you may understand who you are... I am the knowledge of the truth. So while you accompany me, although you do not understand (it), you already have come to know, and you will be called ‘The one who knows himself’. For whoever has not known himself has known nothing, but whoever has known himself has simultaneously achieved knowledge about the depth of all things.” Anon


These people were not making it up as they go along; they knew what they were talking about, and that I know. Maybe for some people it does indeed require a leap of faith to realise that there is more to creation than meets the physical eye and the physical hand. I do not need faith in it, nor do I have to believe it. I know it. And, I would imagine, that many people reading this book also know it. To deny ones ignorance is a consequence of fear and stupidity. But to deny ones knowledge is a kick in the face to life and existence.



*       *       *