In Conclusion



In the nature of the way of being there is something which is greater than ourselves. I do not believe that, or assume it, I know it. But I do not know what it is exactly, or where it is exactly, or how it is exactly, or why it is what it is. So I am ignorant. I cannot attain to the perfection which even I can imagine. So I am imperfect. There is so much that I do not know and do not understand. So I am ignorant also, and KNOW it. But so what, for it leaves much room for improvement all round, and that gives me something to do and to work on. To be perfect would be a dead end. I have however, learned just a few things in this lifetime. One of them is that creation and being is worthwhile; and also that it is a wondrous mystery and profundity par excellence. So it is fortunate for me that I have always loved mystery; and thus I have not been disappointed. Indeed my cup of being has run over the brim with the stuff and continues to do so even now.


There is a part of me which would love to come back to this world again—for I have not had enough of its beauty yet, and I don’t think that I ever could. I would like to sit again on the cliff-tops overlooking the sea with the wind and rain pounding against my skin. I want to walk the quiet hills and the valleys once more, and to sit under a tree in the sheltered combes whilst listening to the song of the impatient streams and the skylarks dancing on the air. I want to sup that pint of best ale when hot and thirsty and to smell bacon and eggs sizzling in the pan. I would like to experience again the joy of showing young children new things, and also laughing with them. For these are the important things in life.


But there is another part of me which does not want to come here again: the part that has seen enough tears and suffering on earth for ten lifetimes, or indeed forever. I do not think I could face that again; to go through it all again. But I would not know it would I, for I would not remember them. But if the world at such time was less conducive to tears and more favourable to the spirit of the thing then that would be grand—and only you can make that better world for children to come into; only you, by your own volition, caring and work. I would not ask the creative principle for that, I would ask you for it.


There is one institution which I think we should always keep on this world, and that is Christmas, or the mid-winter festival of the return of the light; the celebration of the return of the light, rebirth, renewal and growth. Those few days when work is put aside and the family gathers together to play games and tell stories: to give each other a few silly little presents and make each other laugh whilst in the deepest depths of the darkness and winters gloom. But at the same time, to give thought to the spirit of being, of paradise, and of the eternal light; and resurrection. But above all—of love itself. Sing in celebration of that light and rebirth—sing that little ‘Silent Night’ song, and to my words not the old ones, for they are fitting; and the others are meaningless. Sing it with passion and meaning; feel it, know it, become it, until you weep and your voice chokes up with passion: and then you will understand prior to knowing. Music and song is the celebration of life, and the giving back you see. One song from the heart can say more than all the words in all the dictionaries in all the worlds in the universe. Remember that life is for the feeling of it, not the talking of it, but the living of it and being it. And that IS how you celebrate it, and give thanks—by living it and coming to love it.


And what really happens if and when we try to talk about it or write about it? Virtually nothing I guess, for there are no words really—and even if one was blessed with words and the power of communication. But I was not; and which is then a little frustrating to say the least. But nevertheless one does not talk or write of these things for nothing. One does it in the hope of effecting change; and if only in one other person yet to come.


One does not talk or write of these things in the hope that others will come to believe you; and then leave it at that. One does so in the hope that they will be inspired to do something about it. Remember, that if you believe something is true then you do not feel a need for looking for it, for you think that you already have that truth in so far as it can be got at. If belief did not stifle spiritual motion, but rather instigated that movement, then that would be fine. But looking around this world one soon learns that in many cases a belief of knowledge does the opposite; it stops them looking. Presumably believing something is far simpler and less effort and work than seeking it out for yourself and doing your own thinking and asking. Fortunately I learned that lesson very young.


There are of course many other things which happen in life which go under the umbrella name of ‘mysterious’. Publication of genuine human spiritual and psychic events as they really are experienced and known is essential in this world. Such affirmations in print are of course optional to a reader. Direct confrontation of such events by way of conversation however should be limited to those who choose to listen. Do not pile indigestible data of these things into a very young mind that does not want to know or is not somehow ready and willing to even listen or comprehend. But there should indeed be records of human experience in all fields and branches of life and knowledge—and even opinion—and hence available for the reading of by those who do wish to.


In the first instant it can prepare those learning of such things (albeit second-hand for now) for the possible likelihood of such events happening to them during a lifetime; even whilst very young in fact. It will also eliminate the feeling of isolation or being different if and when they do happen; and the existential inner synthesis that comes from that feeling, and which takes a long time to resolve for many. It would also eliminate much of the potential for exploitation and psychological manipulation by false gurus and cults with regard to spiritual and psychic events. And there are more than enough of them around. And who knows, in the long term, very long term, it may even make establishment religions think about what it is they are indoctrinating into young minds and why... but that is a mere outside possibility; and not a good bet.


There must also be an openness of communication in regard to both spiritual and psychic events which is beyond mere symbolism and metaphor which has never yet existed on earth in consensus society. One can study much by way of correlations for critical analysis if there is sufficient recorded data to analyse. Indeed, this is probably just about underway even now, but in a very low key as yet, and almost apologetic. (By virtue of the ‘infallibility’ of science as they now see it presumably.)


If science says something DOES exist, that is because they have found it. But science cannot say that something DOES NOT exist because you cannot prove that something does not exist—that is the principle of negative uncertainty. And that is exactly why priestcraft can brainwash young minds. They can say that the Devil exists and that hell in everlasting damnation exists; for they know that you cannot prove or disprove a negative. Smart eh!? But when you know the transcendent paradise and the true nature of your transcendent self within it then you know what DOES exist: and thence by virtue of it that which does NOT exist. Science, in so far as what it can do for the good, IS good. Existing religious establishments do nothing yet which is good and very much which is wrong and dangerous.


The great mistake of ‘pure rationalists’ on the other hand is in that of washing the baby (of truth) out with the dirty bath water of ancient priestcraft; and all the germs contained therein. Most people are indeed interested in the true nature of themselves, what they are and from whence they came; and to say nothing of what the mind can do; and indeed the nature of all reality itself; even though many do not like to admit it. But when older they will begin to do their own inner reflecting sure enough. But whilst still yet young is the best time to start, and to say nothing of giving one more time to learn and understand.


It is the diatribe of charlatans, and the amount of it, which alienates many people from even thinking about such things seriously in the first place. That children and young adults should be confined to silence with respect to their own inner sublime (or otherwise) experiences, and in fear of being thought mad or different, is an abomination to both the reality itself and to the dignity of mankind as a whole. And it says little which is good about that society itself which operates that way. The voice of the prophets really is written on to the subway walls and weeps into a silence generated by fear. The nature of reality and the human mind within it is not exactly as existing science teaches it to be and it is not as state doctrinal religions teach it to be. The day when spiritual organisations are not politically motivated recruiting centres for entropy will be a good day for the intelligence and spirit of man on earth.


The consciousness of mankind is slowly moving, evolving, into a new and wider understanding of all things, and the harmony of therein, and hence in a way a new dawn on this earth for mankind; it is self-evident if one opens ones eyes to it. But this is not an end by a long way, but it is an end of an old paradigmatic view hopefully; and the beginning of a new one... a holistic cultural philosophy and policy; and not for mere lip service but for the real love and passion of being, and being alive on earth.


That mankind has to come to understand the nature of the outer forces of the universe is plain enough, for we are in fact forced to do that by the nature of reality itself; it makes us learn and come to understand things. But so too is it becoming plain to so many, indeed I would even say a consensus now perhaps, that he and she has to also come into a better understanding of the nature and forces of the inner reality of themselves; for power and control of the outer universe is dangerous power if not modulated and used by the innate wisdom, judgement and instinctual intuition of the deep primordial forces and energies of the soul and the spirit acting within us. There is no gap between you and the Divine.


And how can that reality be liberated even more into the awareness of human beings on earth when they are told that it is all objective and up in the sky beyond their reach? And while the genuine affirmations regarding these things (even within religions) from so many millions of ordinary people have no outlet in any society as yet? Their voices are hushed by the establishment, and in that silence generated by fear; and ridiculed by the media which is their predominant outlet and collection of puppets. When they ask me as to what I want to see on this world then the answer is simple—a revolution (but without bloodletting). Does not even Western doctrine say to them that the spirit comes with a two edged sword—one with an olive branch of peace and truth and the other for cutting down the weeds of destruction.


The Divine Implicate Order is operational in all things; and at all times; and irrespective of whether one is aware of it or not. In stating these things of direct experience and their effects then I would rather be a mere peasant and yard brush of the Divine Order of Being (the cutting edge) than the richest spiritual bankrupt on earth. So help me the God of truth. Such people do not spend all their time as recluses in dark corners, they are active in the world; for they love the world and its becoming; they are filled with active passion. That children do not come to hear of these things as they really are directly experienced and known—and by so many people at that—is appalling and a tragedy. It is nothing short of the suppression of knowledge. Divine knowledge at that.


I do not know the answers to all these things no more than anyone else does; or even what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day. It is all a mystery; and as it should be. But tomorrow does not exist yet. It is waiting to be made; and you and I play a part in the making of it on earth today. But what I have seen, been in, known and felt by direct experience, as have many others from the very beginning of human time on earth, is the substantiation and affirmation of the magic and the mystery which one simply felt to be there intuitively even as a mere uneducated kid in poverty and darkness. And as no doubt most other children do until it is brainwashed out of them by this formless society and their prehistoric priestcraft and the juvenile values of Neanderthals.


They claim that they have now stopped sacrificing children. The reverse is the truth, for they sacrifice more now than ever they did in the past—for they use mass media to mangle their brains. They use hate to dig their hearts out and fear to instil fear. That innocent magic of childhood was something I realised had gone by the age of twenty-four, it suddenly occurred to me one day. I actually woke up one morning realising that something was missing which was once there. I decided there and then that life was not as good and exciting without it, so I made a point of letting that magic have a place in my daily being again. Within a few months I came to see that transcendent paradise in the ground of conscious existence. A coincidence perhaps you say! Who knows; who cares. A cosmological co-incidence or synchronicity is nearer the truth.


Much later I realised (the hard way as with all else in my own life) that on hearing or reading of these events that some people were indeed affected by the word in a mysterious way. Many of the people who came and talked with me regarding these things (which I originally only mentioned in verse) did not even know each other, so it was hardly a conspiracy when so many came to inform me that the verses, when being read whilst alone and relaxed, had a good effect on them; and even more so in some cases. I found this difficult to accept at first; but why would they come to say such a thing, and independently of each other if it were not so? I am well aware of the inner forces and energies having affects on the topside mind by now... but mere words read on a page!?


It became obvious to me that the process which causes spiritual movement within a being (which of course is already there and always there anyway) is somehow activated into greater movement by a catalyst; and it would seem that such things as music, poetry, art, beauty, altruism, (essences) and probably much else besides, act as that catalyst and inspiration for stirring up this sleeping or dormant energy within us, and of which we indeed are made of at our root of being: some kind of spirit energy or ‘E’ motion energy. But whatever it is it works. And always having been a rank pragmatist then who is going to argue or run away from something good in life. It is not a case of being given something external during this life, or going out and finding some objective magic tool; for it is all there within us from the start and waiting to be used. The Divine Order is not thrust down our conscious throats on this world however; and that is incredible in itself, but totally understandable from hindsight. I have come to learn (although it took a long time in the learning of it) that one must use ones freedom and love wisely and give it back to the world in the manner which we received it... free; free of charge and from reasons of vested interest. Learning how to use freedom wisely is the most difficult lesson in life. With love there is no condition and no rewards. For no reward could be better than to have love and depth comprehension flowing through your heart, mind and soul anyway; (and society at large obviously). With love there is no pretence or a ‘why’: it just IS, and IS for its own sake alone. And this is a deep emotional knowledge and reality which eventually seeps into rational understanding also; but virtually impossible to explain; you simply have to come to learn it and know it. Try telling a child what even ordinary human love is. They cannot really know until they have been there. But they can be told in advance.


Love costs you and I nothing in the receiving of it. Beauty costs us nothing; Wisdom costs nothing. Receiving life and existence itself costs nothing. Giving costs nothing. Paradise costs nothing (nor charges anything). Neither does it demand anything when known. The universe costs nothing. The air we breathe and the water we drink costs us nothing. Bringing a child into this world costs nothing. Going home for a visit during a lifetime or even at the end of a lifetime costs nothing; (a few moments of time). And yet people even charge you a fee to make you smile on this world today. Mankind is very mercenary; something out here truly is in need of spiritual movement to be sure. And whilst mankind’s first love and god is money, profit and wealth, then he and she, and society itself, will be devoid of real wealth, for you receive that which you chase after and love the most. But with such things the thrill does not last, and the spirit and soul will weary of trivia. And if that is not the situation with so many people on this world today then they are amazing actors. But I know also that at their root they too would give their children the sun and the moon—and their own life for them. Indeed, I feel that I know them better than they do.


One of the greatest of all dangers in symbolic religions is that they deify their heroes and lift them above the phenomenal world of incarnate human beings who simply came to know these things; and all the strengths and weaknesses which we each have. Our strength, virtue and innate dignity exists in our weakness and blindness, and imperfection; for we act despite it. It is as though their icons cannot be denigrated by the mere commonality of human beings. That is to say that they could never stink if they did not wash; they never had to go to the loo; they never get passionate over a member of the opposite sex; (or even the same kind if that is your bent); they never weep because of physical and mental pain and anguish as do mere human beings like us. So such religions not only alienate people from people but they also alienate people from their eternal and divine self. And needless to say they alienate people on earth from the Divine itself. They call it wisdom! It is because of this icon of a perfect incarnate God-Man construction that they miss the real beauty and truth of creation itself, the magic, the wonder and the divine. We are all both the Divine creation and also the whore and the ignoramus.


The beauty is that we have the power of self-control to a degree: self-choice, as to whether we aim to rise to the highest conceivable limits of our given potential or as to whether we sink into the abyss of the lowest bestial degradation whilst alive on earth. And desires show us both these fields from which to choose. And good god almighty is it not such events as so called mystic and psychic that even dip a hand into the nature of our own being and help us along that road itself? It reveals itself. Life on earth is a series of experiential events which are both attraction (good) and repulsion (bad) experiences; and we learn from both; and we can choose what to let out of us into the objective world. An idea or thought in the mind is not going anywhere unless acted upon. And the world will become that which we all let out of ourselves by way of our acts; no more and no less.


Life is pushing us in one direction from the rear and pulling us in that same direction from the front. So called ‘evil’ experience is divine, for we learn the way ahead by the rejection of some desires and actions. There is only one direction of ultimate movement and that is from incarnate darkness and ignorance into the literal light, and the ‘light’ of understanding also, comprehension, gnosis, and thence affirmation... and then action. If we did not know that which we call evil and thence intuitively feel something better then we would not be inspired into movement and seeking that better reality by choice. (A kind of cosmic blackmail, I agree.) So the dice are loaded—but there you go. But they are loaded by the weight of love; and one day hopefully dignity.


Human beings to come will live in a world unimaginable to us now if they play their cards right. They will have the power of creation. They will have the power to say, ‘Let it be so.’ And it will be so. But that power and potential will be modulated by and in harmony with the innate wisdom of the Implicate Order itself, and which will be theirs at such time; for power without the wisdom and love to guide it is dangerous and destructive power. As we learn facts of the phenomenal world we also have to learn facts of the essential and intangible world also, and as I have already mentioned, not beliefs: not theories; but knowledge and the understanding of that data: that we may be whole, and act in wisdom, love and harmony in one accord with the essence and principle of being. Mankind on earth will become the living reflection of the Divine Order of Being on earth—as it is in Paradise itself. A Homo Ensophicus; mankind that walks in Wisdom.


But we are only just beginning this new facet of the incarnate journey; a few million years on this little world is but the bat of a cosmological eye. We will arrive. We cannot fail to arrive. For I know what is driving us. The problem I guess is in the waiting and in the day-to-day work, stress and strain of taking one small step at a time during the becoming process. Nobody said it was ever going to be easy did they? But we will arrive. But in the day-to-day learning we are writing the book of the future genome itself. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. Paradise is a free lunch (as far as you and I are concerned anyway); so too is life on this world; but what we ourselves make of it is not a free lunch... for that IS a matter of our freedom of choice: and that requires thinking about and pondering over; and it is hard work; and we often get it wrong. But the spirit is no defeatist or shrinking violet. A better world for kids to come into will only come if we want it and act toward it. Wishing it will achieve nothing; a miracle will not cause it to come. Only work achieves things.


“Would you then say that this optimistic view is an act of faith or belief on your part?”, they ask me. No, it is an act of direct knowledge not belief or faith. I do not believe this nor do I need to have a faith in it, for I know it. For I know my true inner self; and yours: and I know the judgement of my own soul: and I know from whence they came. And we are all the same; identical twins at that level of being. Thus, the dice are loaded from the start. The creative life force cheats by way of loaded dice. Our freedom of choice on earth is not negated but it is at times guided by the loaded dice of love and beauty—and our inner recognition of it. Creation is about being; love, wisdom, giving and receiving; teaching and learning, working and resting, thinking and communicating; and coming to know; and doing things with that knowledge. But you and I at present do virtually all the receiving and none of the giving; but that will change; it must change or the world will die sooner rather than later. If you do not love it then it will not last long.


If you feel a need to be guided by a thought for now, and if all this seems to be too much for you to take in as yet then simply think on this... Imagine that you were now living at some point in the future—perhaps beyond this world even—then simply imagine that you have been allowed to come back to this point in time and space to relive this day once again, to feel the essences again; and to chat with old friends now gone; to smell that rose again—and which coming back from Paradise is much like, and indeed IS in experiential terms. Imagine then that you were given the chance to do just that, and then do things a little different also; different decisions, different choices; different reactions to events. Then live this day, and each day, in that way; as though it were from hindsight and another chance to create more smiles and less tears in your passing through here—and for your self also.


Do it also because it is YOU that wants it done that way and thinks it worthwhile: not because anyone else or anything else wants it; or even because it is said to be the correct thing to do morally, or that it will bring a prize when you are dead... for the prize is here and now, and for the earth and life on it. Do it of your own will and volition for no reason other than it being YOUR decision that it is better than the other alternatives. Or think that you yourself are creating order out of chaos for the love of love and existence. Make creation worth the effort and work, the darkness and the fear; the tears and the pains of becoming. Don’t worry about what the others do by way of their freedom of choice, for that is their long-term problem to worry about. Carry no remorse into that Limbo field with you: for there is nought worse than being chained by your own sorrows. What is done and gone into the past can never be undone; forgotten about yes, even repaired and maybe put to rights... but they were still done, perpetrated by a divine being like you. If you loathe the negative side within you then do not become it; do not let it out into the world. The very basic criteria is to do no harm—not so difficult really.


Avoid generating remorse like the plague: for being shackled to your own sorrows is the greatest evil and painful experience in creation: and while you are alone for a while you will find out that it is only remorse which burns at the sensitivities roots while in Limbo. (Believe that if you want to believe anything). Remember then that a thing done, even in haste, is done for all time. And it is only you that will chastise your self in the final analysis. Do not fear other people, or the unknown, fear only the negative side of your self and your potentials, and the inner process of living with it and digesting it.


Desire, they say, is a great evil. They are wrong again (as usual). It is not wrong to desire things as some religionists may tell you, for it is implicit in life itself to desire. It is not wrong to desire a better world and a good life for your children is it? It is not wrong to desire to see people smiling and in harmonious accord is it? It is not desires which are wrong or silly; it is not understanding them which is silly. It is in not choosing the right ones to follow which is silly. Yet we intuitively know which. But only life itself, and its inner secret teaching, can show us as to what desires it is wise to follow for sure, and as to what it is wise to bring forth from within us and give out to the world as our own gift to it: as to what it is wise to aim for and as to what it is wise to walk away from and put behind us. And when mankind attains to that, then even the divine weeps.


Do not judge wisdom by intelligence or what other people may tell you it is; but judge it by love, passion and beauty beyond all imagination. Words will never reach its essence. Priestcraft will tell you to do unto others as you would have others do unto you: an eye for an eye. But if they or you are a murderer or rapist, a warmonger or vandal then it is not going to help the situation is it? I would say to you do unto others as you would have others do unto your children. For who does not hold their children above and beyond themselves. And perhaps for the few that do not then I would simply say be careful, for you will not be judged by another you will be judged by your self; and that is infinitely worse. I have only known a mere fraction of remorse—it could have been a lot more however. That is a little advice which it IS worth contemplating upon in advance; and best NOT learned the hard way.


Keep in mind that we carry our memories through the Limbo field; and Limbo is being totally alone such as you have never imagined; and as you have read herein. I did not invent these things. I have simply related them in order to warn. I talk of what I know in my own inevitable useless way. In that transcendent paradise you and I can do nothing about anything; you cannot even say thank you, or I love you. But out here; Oh yes; we can indeed do something about it. And How. The acts of your love are the divine order on earth itself... do them for no reason or reward as mentioned; for they are their own reward. This is why I said elsewhere that I would rather be here than in paradise. But it is shown, learned, that love requires no reward; for there is nothing in creation which is equal to it, let alone better. So what reward would you then seek or ask for? And how much money would it require to purchase love and wisdom? It is not for sale.


Remember that sex is not love and state education is not wisdom. I have told you elsewhere what love and wisdom are—and you will come to find that I am correct. And it did in fact cost me something to learn those things; but not money; simply experience, laughter and tears, pain and joy, fear and unknowing. But it also cost me something else—a part of my own freedom, divine freedom: for the more you come to learn, in these things anyway, then the less scope you have in your acts of free choice. For what you HAVE to do becomes more obvious, and leaves less room for alternatives. When you come to love but one thing, and hence know love: then look for the essences which sparked it in all things: and when found in all or many things, then feel also for that essence independent of all those things; the essence alone. And then you may well begin to understand the mystic affirmation of ‘The love for no thing created’. Essences cannot be destroyed, for there is nothing of destructive potential that reaches that far and deep into creation.


And how can anyone take this NO CREATED THING away from you? They cannot, for it is not negotiable. Get the philosophers and academics to work that one out my friend. If you believe that love on this world is the prerogative of some objective source up in the sky, and with an intermediary being (Gods only son) acting between yourself and it, as so many seem to do, and thence live your life in that symbolic idol of truth, then the world will drown in tears... and them with it. If you wait for things to happen without making them happen yourself... then you will wait until you are dead. One of the major dangers of Western state religion is in that of creating a middle-man who stands between oneself and the Divine reality: and that is alienation as well as a lie. Remember also that to create a symbolic intermediary passes the buck; but the buck stops where you are.


That transcendent paradise is for the living; as is the world, the trees and the stars. How would a child grow if its mothers milk remained objective and distant? You cannot eat that which does not exist to be eaten. You cannot come to know that which does not exist to be known. And that which does come to be known by many will be known by all; for it is theirs from the beginning; they have simply not found it yet, or woken up to it. But there is nothing which stands between them and it (other than their own transcendent spirit in paradise—but they are all connected anyway, and you are it). If you find this project of transcendence difficult to comprehend then simply realise that an idea exists only in your mind, but you can alter the physical world by virtue of it. Is that not the real magic and wonder of wonders. Is it not self-evident to you? In like manner the inner transcendent spirit is connected to the outer soul also. It is not magic, it is a real fact of real reality—and THAT IS the magic and wonder. Truly is that which I have talked of really there.


On earth we are as yet like dull uncut diamonds with rough edges and a dim glow; or like seeds which have not flowered into their full incarnate bloom as yet; or like wine that has not matured; or like dormant proto-stars that have not been lit up yet. Babies do not have babies simply because they are not mature enough to have babies. Does the same apply to spiritual knowledge on earth then? It seems not. For even I have walked on the water (waves of creation) and I have tasted the wine of life... but I am no brewer. I have known the song and the singer, but I cannot put it to words. I have known the goal and the end product on earth, but I cannot live it. But there will come a time incarnate however, when we will be honed up, worn into shape and polished... and be like a reflector of the divine order, and without the muck on the reflective surface which dims the reflective potential.


And then, when collectively illuminated, we will not only glow but also reflect back that full glow into the world and outer universe; reflecting its source into the world around us like the highest reflective thing in all creation. And, as Pico said all those years ago: Will not both the angels, and the beasts on earth, be in awe and wonder of the divinity of man?


Mankind will become a Homo Ensophicus on earth; a mind incarnate which is lit up by the glow of the eternal spark of Divine Nous within them; and then walks the earth in the dignity of what he and she is. And then we will glow, like it was in the beginning, like the lights of Paradise itself... and as does your spark of eternal self which is within it always. And then the world will be as I think I have said before... when people can return here from the Transcendent Order of Being during a lifetime and say how amazing it is—but how nice it is also to be back here again... THEN, and only then, we will have arrived. When the earthly existence of mankind justifies Paradise itself.


But to strive for that realisation, and the incarnate liberation of that essential quality within us; then that is the goal, the quest, and in so far as we can, and with the utmost love and passion which is given to us and flows through us, is all we can do. And in that doing, and of mans own volition, in that vision, passion and striving...


Man becomes divine.


So let that Divine and mystic spark invade our souls and inspire our minds, so that we may then, in one harmony and accord, say...



Let us make man in our Eternal Image.




And may you fare well in life to come.





*    *    *















One day I hope to find a Man,

a Woman, or a Child,

who walks this Earth in knowledge

of that Wisdom, oh so mild.

Or even one so virgin

who does not look away

when told of the Eternal Realm

from whence they came that day.

Then they and I will talk of things

for a pleasant hour or more

of the mystic cave which lies beyond

that secret Cosmic door

hard by the gate of melting light

wherein a truth is known,

and when it is digested

they then, will know their home.

We’ll sing a song in silence:

and share stories we have known

of events which we have come to see

since last we left our home.

But they and I will have no place

in the present world uncouth,

where men yet walk in Somnus

and turn their backs on truth.










part two










Near dawns the twenty‑first century;

let’s hope it’s in the plan

that when they are thus twenty‑one,

mere boys become a Man.


And now I am retiring,

for my time is nearly done;

I have but given food for thought—

—but another will yet come—

One, which when it comes your way,

then you will know the rest,

for you’ll have knowledge, of the all:

Consummatum... Est.


Remember then, the day you go,

the words of which you’ve read,

of the place some say you’re living

and some say you are dead;

for remembrance will save you

from the nausea of fear

while passing through that Limbo,

where Paradise is near.





*    *    *















Never was a thing on Earth

created so divine,

so virtuous in ignorance,

so powerful, yet sublime.

So wise and yet so childlike,

amid the Cosmic plan,

who knows both love and hardship;

as the phenomenon of Man.


I tell you this, in greatest truth,

that the last thing you will see

is a tear, of which, I knew not why;

in the mystic trinity.

But many years did then pass by

before I came to know,

not from where, but only WHY,

that tear thus came to flow.


Man knows ignorance, toil and pain,

and yet he knows no prize;

for all he knows there’s nothing,

when last he shuts his weary eyes.

Creation is a painful task,

and little peace is brought,

but ever yet, in Man alone,

‘ought’ is sought, by thought!


I tell you this my greatest love,

in ignorance Man still laughs;

yet the mover of creation

never had to walk such paths.

To know all things implicit

is quite a feat.... well done!

But I strike a medal thus for Man,

for his virtue he has bravely won.

My love I bow my head to thee,

for all the things that come to be,

but of all the things made in the plan;

no greater miracle there is... than Man.



*    *    *






Let it be... as so it is!

or ‘amen’ as some would say;

for now I see, dear Omar,

that in the Cosmic way

I would not change one Atom,

one smile... or one tear;

for each effect will modulate

our understanding so,

that in due course all minds will see,

and come to say... “I KNOW”!

And when the final chord is struck;

then you will really ken,

the Essence of the hearts of all,

Children, Women, and Men,

in the ground of the last supper;

in the ground of the last Amen.

My God!.. if I could write one poem!

or write one melody;

or paint the ultimate picture,

so men could come to see

the likeness of perfection

at the heart of all that be,

in the paradise of the virgin womb

in the ground of eternity.

But alas, there is no thing that’s made

by any Art of men

to emulate incarnate

the ground of the last Amen;

as it is... in the last Amen.




*    *    *














If you would ask the question,

as I did once before,

as to why you should do this or that

although it be a chore;

the answer is not easy

but I’ll try to do my best,

to the answer, as I see it,

from hindsight of the rest.

There is no extra profit

from any good deed done

by you and me amid this life;

and if there were but one

then that would be a blackmail

of the deep and darkest kind,

and never would such system

sit well upon the mind.


But none the less we do our best

to make this world a cheer

for a reason which is hard to say,

but I think we’re somewhere near

to say that such an act brought forth,

and by our intention done,

is an act of love... for nothing,

for no reason it is done;

other than—“I love you”!

for what that may be worth;

and creation can’t be wasted

upon this little Earth.

And when this world’s a cinder

or a ball of frozen ice,

I think it would be fitting,

at least it would be nice,

to say, or let it be said,

that once upon a time

upon this little fragment,

Man became... Divine.





*    *    *







(Male and Female)



I’ll just say this before I go,

no matter my love, what you think you know;

the time is now for me to leave,

so do not weep, and do not grieve.


In yet another time, and place,

a Girl of beauty, charm and grace,

will spy across a crowded floor

a youth she knows she will adore.


They’ll know not of I and you,

for they’ll be born again—as new.

But deep within they’ll feel a beat;

in recognition they will greet—


—and you and I will once again

frolic in the Sun and Rain;

with passions high and feelings deep

that harvest once again we’ll reap.


Paradise can have its day,

and all such days can go their way;

but BEING is for you and me...

time and again—eternally.


Time and beyond will let you see

that you and I will ever be

the pounding of the cosmic heart—

—and never will we be apart.


When next we meet in fields Divine;

then I’ll be yours, and you’ll be mine:

again we’ll show them at a glance

just how the passion needs to dance.




*    *    *












I have given you that which no physical eye can see and which no ear has heard; that which no hand has touched and which has never occurred to the rational mind. Thus there are to be found such treasures in life. To an extent such things are defiled by the very act of our talking of them: but it matters not that we are unworthy in our individual affirmation in dialogue; for that which sings does not talk.


What is befitting however, is that that which talks learns to sing the song; for Love is resonance within a system which is devoid of harmonics, in which all movement and understanding is of one frequency and accord with the fundamental foundation of all movement and being. And Wisdom is knowing it. Prepare your self therefore for that which is, and always has been, and always will be so. The end is as the beginning, and the beginning as the end; the circle is only breached by a gap of no duration; the gap through which one Universe of perception joins the other. And thus it is.


Prepare your self lest these things be made known unto you this day. Prepare your self lest they should not: for YOU ARE the watcher at the gates of dawn. And may the power of Love be with you now and always.