Feed-Back and Perfection



We have a reasonable understanding of cause and effect nurtured into us from an early age, but what is not explained is the concept of feed-back and reciprocity in this process. Phenomenon (A) cannot cause an effect on phenomenon (B) without being affected itself by virtue of having caused an effect on something else. Everything effects everything with which it is in contact. Moreover, it seems to me that this cosmological principle works not only in all things but at all levels and dimensions of existence. But then again if a principle works well then why not. Added to this is the mysterious fact that at some level all things are connected up in some ineffable way anyway. This of course does not mean that things are connected up to each other in the space-time continuum. Stars are not connected to each other in space. The earth is not connected to the sun—directly that is, although it is also by way of radiations as such. I am not connected to any other person other than through interactions with them. But all things brought forth are connected up inwards at the deepest level of and within the vortex of creation.


Depending on a persons belief system of course (and assuming that they feel a need for one) one could say that they are all connected up in the big bang (or just before it to be more precise maybe). One could say in accepted religious terms that they are all connected up in their particular God. Others may say that they are all connected up in the Yin and Yang synthesis, or whatever. But by virtue of the dynamic inter-dimensional reality of all extant things they are also still connected up to each other even whilst existing in a physical universe—by way of their inner depths, not through physical space and time itself.


The problem can become that of thinking of all causation as moving only in one direction; (from A to Z in a linear space-time progression—instead of also up and down the inner vortices) albeit that many phenomenon of causation do in fact operate in the space-time continuum. One of course could make a never ending list of examples of various modes and levels of the feed-back phenomenon. Smile at someone and you receive a different effect and feed-back than if you hit them over the head with a hammer—and one of our very first lessons as a child in fact. More agreeable reactions and feed-back come if we are nice to people; or most of the time anyway, and which is both obvious and simple psychology. But such things as these, although being feed-back, still operate in the linear progression of time, cause and effect. What happens when we kick a football is another example of the same kind. With a bit of luck it goes somewhere, (other than in a bad dream maybe). So the cause is our self in kicking the thing and the effect is that we imparted energy into it, and caused it to go somewhere else. But that is not the end of the causal chain however. What did it cost us to kick it? It cost energy, and for which we perhaps had to eat a tenth of a potato, or whatever, to have that energy within us. The ball has gained energy and we have lost it; a kind of feed-back or a form of reaping what we sow. Thus, phenomena (A) cannot cause an effect on phenomena (B) without phenomena (A) being affected by virtue of having caused an effect on phenomenon (B).


Another example is that of the book of our own genetic code, and which itself is a product of feed-back and learning throughout incarnate evolution. If we become adept at something then it will become written into the code for further generations to acquire more readily. But there are of course many aspects and levels of this feed-back and ‘reverse causational activity’ principle in all things.


In the transcendent mode of our being one also learns that there is something which is deeper in creation itself (deeper than paradise and our self within it )—viz. its causation; and which itself brought us and it forth. The paradise event is the dimension in which that bringing forth results in our own conscious existence in a self identity of personal being; a sentient consciousness which affirms I AM ME. Why so then, for what purpose or function did whatever it is in absolute terms do that? For nothing at all is far easier than something I would have thought: so what did it cost in terms of its own feed-back then?


Let us bring the idea a little closer to this world for the moment for simplicity. Why does a physical universe contain consciousness; or indeed exist at all for that matter? It was certainly not done simply for fun or for something to do to while away the time—for there was no time. The easy answer is that it was an accident. Science claims that creation and the evolution of life on earth is one long string of chance accidents which amount, I guess, to a series of incredible miracles. Indeed, if that were the case then creation is indeed more miraculous than even the mystics claim and understand it to be. But in reality there is no such thing as accidents other than where our own intentions go astray. Without intention there can be no such thing as an accident—for who or what would have had the accident of intending one thing whilst yet another thing happened? To fall down the stairs is an accident, assuming one did not intend it. But nevertheless the act of walking down the stairs in a fit manner was not performed and hence the falling was simply the only thing that could happen given the set of circumstances; and it did not defy the laws of nature. To fall from the bottom of the stairs to the top—would require something beyond the laws of nature however. As of yet there have been no reports of such.


No, and neither is it done simply for fun: for it is not much fun being on this world for much of the time for so many living creatures on it: (domestic cats seem to get the best deal in this universe, and we ask nothing from them in return). Neither is creation a long string of impossible events, accidents or coincidences. If it were impossible then it would not have happened. If it was an accident as such then who had the accident in the first place? And how? And what was really intended? And intended by whom?


The physical forces of the universe do not have accidents: for it operates like regular clockwork; and everything functions within the parameters of its dynamics and potentials therein. You and I can have accidents simply because we are conscious and with the power of intention. But even our accidents, like dropping a brick on your foot or spilling the milk, are only accidents because we intended one thing but the result of the action was something other than that which was intended. Do stars have accidents? Do atoms have accidents? “Oh damn, I meant to have been two up quarks and one down quark”! The only things that can get anything wrong in that sense are things which can think and have the power of intention and the power to do something about that intention. The wonder of all wonders however is that we can also at times get something right. That is to say that we can achieve something which we did intend: (not often maybe, but time and trial and error are a great teacher). Moreover, as well as mere actions of intention (or accidents) minds like us can also come to work things out by observation and thinking; or some of the time anyway. If we have worked something out right then it will work: if we have not then it will not. In the final analysis learning is as simple as that. And the effect is as simple as that. The process however is not simple at all but infinitely complex.


To say that if something exists then it either has to be a conscious intention or an accident is a concept which came from heaven only knows where; and is justified by I know not what. When a religionist claims that the gods and demons are intentionally responsible for all good and bad actions and phenomenon it is tantamount to admitting that they do not have a clue. If the physical universe such as we know it, and the phenomenon of consciousness et al.—indeed the transcendent realm itself even, were all pre-determined intentional activities then creation is far more weird and mysterious than any mystic has ever given credit or credence to. Likewise is the scientific term ‘nature’ something of a cop-out itself. To say that things comply with the laws of nature also implies something outside of the nature of things which pre-determine the mathematics and dynamics of creation as it comes to be.


Given that you and I can only ever have any direct experience of a mere fraction of creation—and the mathematics and dynamics which apply to that fraction—then we are not in a position to give a definitive answer to the creative force itself, and it is not likely to tell us one would assume. However, it takes little imagination to speculate forms of causation which are neither accidents or rational conscious intentions pre-designed to work that way. We do not give birth to children simply by rational intention (although we do in fact have a choice in the matter) but the process is neither an accident nor is it designed by us. Given that there is volition within creation does not imply that there exists conscious volition beyond it. If one likes to put creation down to a conscious intentional god-like being of this or that religion then did such an entity pre-design itself before its existence? One can certainly envisage universes coming into and out of existence by a process of dynamics which simply works that way, and can work no other way; but universes are but a part of creation not the sum, nor their own causation. To say that a big bang is the starting point of this, or any, physical universe is not to talk of the sum of creation, and it says nothing about the creative force itself. Does the creative force have any choice in doing what it does? If so then who says so and how do they know—where did they learn that and what was the learning of it like? Nobody knows.


Is the absolute creative force the same identical thing as the creative life force? Nobody knows. Guesses are easy to make, learning the truth of reality is not so easy. It is not possible for us to know at exactly what level of reality intention or volition becomes a potential, or how. And indeed our experience and understanding of what we refer to as the deepest depths of existence are relative to our own experience. Beyond that we can only guess; but guessing is of no intrinsic value to human existence. You and I have not yet created living entities with the power of volition, comprehension and awe, capable of love, comprehending beauty, and all the rest of it. Beings such as our self, and any who may be even more advanced in creation, are the most complex things within creation. By comparison paradise and the nature of ourselves within it is the most simplistic creation insofar as beings are concerned; for we have nothing but consciousness and a mysterious kind of cognition in that mode of being. What level of complexity would exist deeper than paradise? A worm on earth has far more to do in this life than we do in paradise. That does not mean that I would rather be a worm than be in paradise—far from it. Likewise our body and brain is the most complex machine in the known universe, and it took god only knows how many millions of earth years to be made even as it is now. (Not seven days). So, why does our kind of consciousness exist at all then, and anywhere at all for that matter, here or there; and wherever else may be? Why so? Why bother?


Much of our thinking (mystics excluded by virtue of their experiences) envisage all things, including creation and the creative process, as an unfolding process from point A to point Z in a linear fashion; a beginning and an end. Mystics however come to learn that time is not quite what it seems to be. It is feasible that creation (as we know it) is not being done from the beginning at all but from the end. That is to say working from the point of all acquired knowledge and understanding in a feed-back loop of temporal causation. More of which later. Suffice to say for now is that we know our own system (the soul level) knows things that we, the incarnate personality, do not know. It operates and causes effects from a point beyond the incarnate perception of acquired knowledge and understanding. This does not mean that our soul is an independent conscious entity, indeed there is no implication of it being conscious at all. Many minor human experiences, including some psychic events, defy the linear time line theory in their operation and are seen to be somehow working backwards to cause an effect from a point of hindsight—and this is simply within ourselves. What of an advanced super soul then? What of the collective of all souls? What of the cosmic principle itself then? What of the life force itself? Time is a facet within a given level of reality not a container of all reality. To what level can consciousness and volition aspire and indeed achieve? And is time a barrier to that consciousness? It does not even seem to be a barrier to our own level of consciousness.


Think on this. Science, indispensable though it is, and highly affective within its parameters of potential, assumes at the moment (so they claim anyway) that we, the conscious entity in the machine, exists only to spread our genes around. We (sentient beings) are simply a side effect in the reproduction process of genes—genes then obviously being the ‘real’ thing that existence is all about. I cannot imagine a collection of genes laughing and crying, loving and hating, writing songs and poetry in love and awe of creation and existence. Can you? Are genes even aware of existing? Do they have the power of volition and intention—yet they are not an accident. They are but a part of a particular process for a particular effect.


The genetic code is much like a computer program, a complex set of instructions for the formation of a physical body and brain to be constructed from the very stuff of the physical universe itself. A part of this program and machine is an energy conversion process—turn this into that and place it over there please, and no argument thank you!


The finished product, if it turns out OK, is a vehicle and space-time capsule for a mind with self consciousness. Does all this complex and profound consciousness, with emotions, passions, fears, loves, likes and dislikes, and with wilful intention, exist simply to move a dead body from point A to point B in a physical universe then I wonder? If so why bother to make it conscious; and with the illusion of volition, at all? A kind of robot would do the job of spreading genes around just as well as a sentient being... or better in fact for they could not say ‘NO WAY... sod off chum’! In chess there is the term ‘over-kill’; that is in doing more than is needed for the job at hand, and stringing it out a bit. If the consciousness of living creatures on earth existed just for that (spreading genes around) then even a bird would be cosmic creation over-kill taken to such ridiculous levels of stupidity and unnecessary waste that even you and I would not have done it that way. Think on it. Are we smarter then than that which brought us forth and of which you and I are only a small part? Would you use an atomic bomb to open a bottle of wine? (Like both science and religion does.) It would kind of defeat the object would it not... wine everywhere and not a drop to drink. Or truth everywhere but seen nowhere. Consciousness in this universe (and elsewhere) exists because it HAS to exist; nothing exists for nothing. Creation was not done for fun; or a whim; or an accident. Creation is not a whim of something which is floating around somewhere feeling fed up and lonely without it. Creation is not a matter of something to do. It is what it is and could be no other way.


The physical body is not alive; it never was alive and it never will be alive. But it is indeed an incredible and wonderful machine and which can be animated by—whatever the life force is while independent of the vehicle. Somebody said to me the other day “I saw a dead body for the first time”! So I asked them as to whether they had ever seen a live one at all! The human body and brain is no doubt the ultimate machine in creation. It is a divine wonder. But it is a body; a machine for doing a job of work. We are not here just to steer it around corners and plonk it on top of another one to make more of the same. The evolution of the human physical form may or may not be at an end (all other things being equal): but the evolution of human consciousness and cognition is most certainly not at an end. It is now high time for the human mind to get smart, wised up a little, learn and grow up. We are in but another phase of the unfolding of the implicate order. Freedom of volition is a part of that phase.


One is not looking for supernatural ‘miracles’ but rather to the demise of them; and to the knowledge of what is so in these things in so far as they might be able to be known; hence comprehension and affirmation of creation itself by the created. Spiritual time and space-time (indeed even psychical time) are not the same thing. The body and brain exists for the mind not the mind for simply moving the machine from the breakfast table to the lunch table via the loo. Moreover, the more the incarnate mind evolves into knowledge and understanding then the more active potential it has in the creative act and process itself; and hence the need for an evolving body and brain to connect it up better to that universe for more potential within it. And of course comprehension of it. Have you ever noticed how science fiction writers invent advanced life forms on other planets with only one or two fingers for example, and that even look like slimy lizards? Where is their imagination? If they did not have fingers and thumbs then they would not have evolved into intelligent beings in the first place; for they could not manipulate tools properly.


Why is it that in science fiction human beings are always the best looking, nicest and the most clever? What a pile of egocentric self adulation and diatribe. True enough I would not fancy a physical argument with a cave man; but I would take a hundred of them on at chess all at the same time... and win all the games; no doubt, no argument; no question. Could we ever teach them to play chess in the first place however: and would they give a damn? Their incarnate mind and potential was for their time and place. The thing is that science fiction, like all other media, has to cater for the consensus request, or so they think. ‘Give em what they want and we will get rich’. So why do they want idiotic trivia? If they were to give them something better then the consensus would soon adopt it: for they are smarter than the media assumes. More so than the media it would seem to me. But here of course we have a case of not just feed-back but rather negative feed-back in operation. In creation however feed-back is positive feed-back.


Let us look at the more subtle aspects of this feed back however. A tree has many functions in creation; it is only we that bring something into existence to do one specific job of work—and that is a waste of energy in cosmic terms; albeit effective enough for us. How many jobs, functions, roles, does a tree have? See how many you can come up with. However, do not fail to take into account the more subtle function of inspiring human minds. Do not poets and musicians (real but mini creators themselves) become inspired by both the beauty and complexity of the nature of existence itself... and so too do scientists by the way. Is that not the lesser (so called) inspiring the higher? Now, why should this accidental, no function mind thing which exists simply to push a dead body around both need and acquire inspiration which has nothing to do with the physical body and its reproduction act? Why the over-kill?


Why show this irrelevant idiotic side-effect thing called consciousness a reality which they come to know and thence call paradise? What is the point? That is over-kill taken to a degree par excellence in stupidity and waste. The mere fact that a blade of grass exists is enough proof that creation is not idiotic. There are just too many unnecessary accidents here are there not. Are you not inspired by the wondrous magic within in a storm cloud? Or music, poetry and art maybe? The complexity and spectacle of thunder and lightning? There is more to see than just paradise you know.


Creation and being is predominantly about communication; data; comprehension; creative potential for beings; it is about being here and taking part in the creative act and the love of being extant. Moreover, and what is most important and often overlooked completely by some it seems is that the mind does not function at its very best until the body is forgotten about (as mentioned elsewhere). We do not function at our best until a being loves something more than itself or its own existence; or even thinks about something else more than itself. We cannot switch love on but we can indeed switch our own thinking on. The work is already done and all we have to do is use it.


Why bother then to bring forth either human beings on earth, or consciousness which floats around in paradise with nothing to do except wallow around in love and bliss; the divine peace; the metaphorical chorus of the choir invisible? Why bother: for what purpose and function is it that way? Is it in order to make sure that new finger nails come to exist to pick noses maybe? Or to milk cows maybe? What is singing to what and why is it singing? What needs to be sung to and why? What does the ineffable life force itself get out of it all?  INCARNATE  EXISTENCE! In form, as it is in essence.


From potential into being. From essence into form. We are the instrument upon which the music of the spheres is not only played, but known by; loved by; lived by. And no instrument can play itself. And that is exactly what so many people in the world today are trying to do—to play their own tune on themselves. It cannot be done chum. The essence and truth of duality is very complex, very beautiful, very profound, and very mysterious. Yet it can be known as to why it is so. Paradise does not answer all our questions and provide the answers as to how things are made. But it does teach you why. I wonder why? More over-kill stuff maybe? Think about it for yourself for a while; you are free to make your own conclusion—for a while at least. The implications are that the soul (not the spirit) evolves throughout aeons of time and space, experience, learning and comprehension throughout its individual becoming. I have no knowledge, no idea, no conception, as to what it could become incarnate, or how. The implications are that this knowledge of past incarnate experience becomes recorded somehow, stored somewhere, and used again for the next incarnation to take over from whence it left off somehow. Universes could operate in exactly the same way—even creation itself—a broken continuity that retains data from its past emanations.


The implication is that the spirit then migrating into that new incarnate (or extended) field will obviously have that data as its new starting position for that particular existence, and from which it can continue to learn and evolve from that point on—and to a large extent due to its own efforts and acts in that lifetime. I do not know if these implication are true, and to be honest I do not even care one way or the other, for my only concern at the moment is with living this particular lifetime here and now—and what we make of ourselves and of this word by our own efforts whilst on it here and now; and hence leave to our children to improve upon.


However, could it also be the case that the extinction of a universe cycle records its own past and results, causes and effects; and stores that data for future use? Who knows. Now, to refer back to the mystery in question here. There are times whilst playing a chess game, or any other field of mental activity for that matter, (but I will use the chess game for simple analogy), that a player simply sees a position, an outcome, in advance of the game piece arriving there (seeing ahead of existing reality obviously). Where that understood outcome is not seen (which is most of the time in chess the way I play it), then one is groping in the dark, but using ‘rules of thumb’ and well tested axioms (kind of symbols I suppose) nevertheless.


When one does however, actually see a forced set of moves that can have only one outcome then one is playing the rest of that game kind of backward—from the seen conclusion through to the moves which arrive at it. Do you see? At this point, (that in knowing that this set of moves will achieve that outcome) one is then not so much planning those moves (for that has already been achieved in the seeing of it), but simply executing them in the required, necessary sequence to achieve that end result. The implication is that there is something actually active within creation, not beyond it, that is instrumental in issuing forth effects ‘backwards’ so to speak, as in the last analogy. Even you and I can do that in some small measure, and even now.


Something that is somehow operating a sequence of moves from knowledge or instinct of the end of it: and not by virtue of actually planning it, for as I say, when the outcome is known (intuitively seen) there is no need of planning but only that of executing necessary moves. It is much like a backward moving cosmic intuition—both on the large scale and individually. How do we come to have visions of things yet to come... for they do not even exist yet? Yet my own, few though they have been, have never ever been wrong.


I had a little problem to overcome regarding this ‘cosmic flow and feed-back’ of the deeper kind; that is to say in understanding that something moving in one direction (linear time) and something moving in the opposite direction, yet while being in harmony and one accord and movement with it. So how come that two things which are both flowing in the opposite direction turn out to be flowing in the same direction in the deeper reality, or another dimension? The answer was oh so simple... and all you have to do to understand it is to put your two hands together. Let me explain this one.


Imagine something flowing around a circle in a clockwise direction; and something flowing around a circle next to it in the other direction; or anti-clockwise. How can they be said to be in harmony, and one accord and one direction of movement? Put your two hands up in front of your face, palms toward you. Your left hand represents a circle of causation in which something is moving anti-clockwise (in space-time) and your right hand represents ‘something other’ in which movement is in the opposite direction—or YOUR OWN ANTI-PART OF SELF. Your soul perhaps. One vortex within the double vortex.


Now, simply imagine then that the point at which your two hands are now touching each other (the outside edge of the hands by your little finger) were a ‘hinged book’... (the subconscious interface of the sum of part and anti-part): simply close your hands together (by bringing your thumbs together)... now the movement is in one direction and harmonious accord... part and anti-part are like two pages of a book; a mirror image. Close the book up (annihilation)... and they are united; and moving in one and the same direction. Clever isn't it!!


When our temporal book closes—in death—then is revealed eternal life, harmony and one movement of accord. It is a fact of experience. Moreover, in that reality a greater comprehension is axiomatic. But the fact also needs to be known during an incarnate lifetime for better effect. The dead do not need to know how to live on earth; we do. Unless human beings go into that paradise mode during a lifetime then these things can never ever be known: never deduced, never inferred, never guessed, never reasoned—never known. Does it happen by accident and for no reason then? Have a think about it for yourself. YOU decide, for your self.


Those who use what exists, both within themselves and out there in the world also, will be given more; those who do not use it will have even that which they have been given taken from them... for movement abhors entropy. If you do not use it you lose it. Observe your own physical muscles if you need proof of it. Observe the difference between those nurtured in love, caring, education, with those who have not been. What more living proof do they ever want or need for heaven sake. There are exceptions to some rules of course. A good education and background can still produce a cretin and monster, and a less good one can produce a person of dignity and deeper wealth.


But you and I, for the large part, cannot play the game from knowing the end in advance; we can only play it by the rules of thumb and axioms which past experience substantiate as being effective for the good more often than not. And it is here of course (when knowing of sods law also) that we have to maintain a faith in those axioms as they stand, and until such time that we do know better or wiser from experience.


I do not know what the life force is whilst independent of all that is brought forth. All I know is that it needs to be danced with, used, eaten, digested... and for our own growth and evolution of the soul. That IS the message and effect of paradise. And what feed-back does it get from us I wonder? Tears maybe? That which so many seem to spend so much time looking for, reading about, praying for, (discussing the sex of) is looking for them more than they are looking for it. They ask as to what their God will do for them (like the Genie in the lamp)—but what do they ever do for IT? Moreover, that which they require has already been done, and will ever continue to be done. But what do they themselves give back to life? Aggression, wars, hostility, greed, selfishness, pain, tears. It is tragic. Bloody and Tragic!


All I know is that its process is movement and inspiration of the spirit and soul and all that is ever brought forth from no created thing and the point of no duration... and all created things becoming their essential quality. Everything and no thing are but faces of the same thing... the Divine Order of Being and Becoming. The seed of everything created is in no thing created; and the essence of no created thing is in everything created. These are not mere mystic or esoteric words with no meaning, they are the facts of life, existence and creation as it is revealed, lived and known to be. Watch a child growing in is mothers womb, and if you do not weep in awe of the miracle and profundity of it then you are already dead chum. Give murderers a course in midwifery not societies morals! Life and existence is an eternal and everlasting mystery. We will never fully understand it in absolute rational terms—only in emotional and mystical terms. Yet we can and do come to know it; even understand it a little. But that knowing is beyond knowing as we think of knowing things of space-time; and that understanding is beyond isolated incarnate rational understanding; and thus mystic, mysterious.


Is this not a cosmological quest that is worth the sacrifice of just a little of our precious time and freedom on earth; (a mere three hours away from this world to learn this and live it)? Is not the reality worthy of our own existence? And how do they spend that time better anyway? Watching the same movie for the third time because they have forgotten it maybe. If it was that good then they would not have forgotten it. You cannot forget paradise: and you do not need it twice in one lifetime. Some claim that they work only for money. There is something better to work for than money. If your own spirit in paradise could talk to you now, in your own language, then it would say this to you...


“You, the hearer of these words, the observer of the events of time and space, the seeker in quest of the grail of life: you know many things in your wisdom and understanding, but still you seek, for they do not satisfy your inner hunger and thirst for the elusive missing understanding; the part of which you know not. Where then would you seek for that which you feel to be missing? Would you seek in the distance beyond the stars? Would you seek in the microcosm of the atom? Would you seek in the direction of the arrow of time: or would you seek in the direction of its past flight; that from which the arrow issued forth?


Would you seek it in the words and writings of mankind, who is but the same as yourself —the seeker? Would you seek it in the volumes of past thought throughout the ages perhaps? But I tell you that you seek it in the wrong places little one; for you know not what you seek or whither to seek it: and yet you feel it is there, something, somewhere, somehow. And it is wise that you come to listen to the stirring’s and turning’s of your heart, for it does not lead you astray in these things. But neither, of its own accord, does it reveal to you that which you seek in your darkness. But it knows something does it not; for why else would it stimulate and motivate your soul into action for such grail in the first place? In your wisdom do not negate your heart and its inner persuasions. There are times when your reason must lead the way in its fields of activity; but there are times also when the rational mind must listen... and follow where the heart leads; for did not your heart beat in a cosmic rhyme and rhythm, the music of the spheres, before your thinking took you anywhere in the fields of time and space?


In your searching, and yet not finding, your rational mind may become alienated from its heart, and thus cast its twin into the realms of the living dead: and in which case you will walk the paths of time and space alone, cut off from its very foundation of being, drifting in a chaos which leads nowhere; and with nothing of eternal value and truth with which to walk these paths of time and space; and thence with nothing with which to share all these things and the cosmic dance therein. My love, you cannot dance alone: an instrument of music cannot play itself you see.


If that be the case of your present situation then do not fear, for it is never too late: do not fear: but simply start seeking again. And in seeking you will eventually find, I AM. In asking you will eventually receive. In desiring, you will eventually know. In aspiration you will reach out; and in emptying yourself of momentary trivia you will become full when that illusive hidden part is then revealed unto you once again. And in your becoming, then creation will be fulfilled: the seed and the flower as one: and the THREE will become ONE, as it was in the beginning and as it is in the end. As it is in the transcendent mystic union; then also is it in the reciprocal convergence on earth. For that which you seek is both in life and between life; in the beginning and the end; the music in the grooves. But Ah, the middle my flower... the middle!


The middle can be the beginning and the end and the middle all in ONE; one dance, one song, one purpose, one function; one goal; one affirmation and one accord. And in so doing and so becoming then the forms of time and space will be known; and known to be the song of the singer in action and movement... TO BE.


And these whispering's which you hear now; are true. There will be times when your heart is light like a current dancing on the air: and there will be times when your heart is down. And in that inner darkness you will weep and bemoan your very existence. But these things are all as they must be. So do not fear, and do not give up the fight and the quest; for it is all necessary you see; and it is all necessary THAT you see. It is all in the nature of the way of being, and your own unfolding of that way, that cup of being which you learn and come to know again in due course. If you would ask as to who I am: this voice among the darkness which is strange and different: then do not worry for now, for you would not yet understand. But I AM the music in the grooves... the beginning and the end of all that is brought forth in creation.


Nought was there that was brought forth before me; and nought is there that comes after me; for I am the beginning and the end of the all that comes to be, from no thing created. I AM, what I am; and I am eternal and everlasting being. I AM the knowledge of the truth and the light which is beyond all extended light. I AM the gate to eternity and everlasting life. But if you assume that you understand me, then you do not understand me: not yet; but you will; you will again understand me. And when you do come to understand me then you will not believe that you understand me; for you will know. But first you must work; as all things must; for there is much to do, and forever in which to do it, do you see? We will communicate again in due course, and you will come to learn of I and Thou again. And when you learn of your self, then, and only then, will you know your self and I AM: and you will know of more.


You cannot understand what I AM until you understand the deepest nature of your self. But in that understanding of your self and I AM then you will instantly understand the nature of the depths of all things brought forth from no created thing; and as to why. In the meantime it is most unwise to assume knowledge of such things. Thus, for the time being, be as a child in the innocence of divine ignorance; and let your acts of free choice be the judgement of your deepest soul, and not guided by dictate of even greater ignorance. And when the time is at hand then seek within, and ‘I’ will change your view on things: for that is the intention and function; that I and Thou together will turn the water of life into wine and the lead into gold. In so doing then you will learn the inner secret teaching of that which no physical eye has seen and which no ear has heard; that which no hand has touched and which could never occur to the rational mind. And in learning these things you will transcend death, and fulfil life”.






That of course is pure synetic dialogue; nothing is going to talk to you like that; but it is exactly what our inner self would say if it could talk to the topside mind and personality in our kind of language. But the language of the spirit and soul is in symbols, archetypes, and even direct demonstrable experience beyond symbolism in the deepest root of being. Everything we ever feel inside; our sleeping dreams, psychic experiences, mystic and transcendent experience, our ideals and goals, are all this stuff in action. In this life we have freedom, and so profound and potentially dangerous that can be: and to say nothing of painful and hard work in the using of. But in the sum of all reality our little degree of freedom of choice and potentials on this earth as yet is almost zero: and that is wise. But then again, we even manage to muck up so much of that little as yet: what would we do with even more as yet? Let us learn a little more first; of both the inner and the outer realities; for it is all a part of the dynamic whole, and a divine wonder and miracle.


What then does the divine order need from us in absolute terms? Who knows? All we can do is to give it our best shot as we understand it and feel it within our soul at any one point in our journey; at least to the highest degree which even our imagination can attain. No human being could ever do more than that. And while in such freedom on earth then even the angels (our spirit in paradise) would weep in admiration and awe of the dignity of the temporal and finite human personality on earth. The spirit in paradise itself could never do that. We cannot exist on earth without taking action every day of our life; for life itself forces us to act, to do things. But every act has causation effects and consequences not only for the outer world but also within ourselves; and on other people: nothing is for nothing, every act, every event, causes effects somewhere and somehow. It is well to remember that no event, no act that ever comes into existence can ever be undone: for a thing done is a thing done for ever. We will forget them true enough; (Annihilation is indeed a form of divine grace). But that does not alter the truth and the fact that such events did come to be, came into existence... and by our own volition. That is power: real power; and we all have it. And that is power that you and I did not ask for: and we cannot even run away from it. It is frightening power. But we have to live with it and use it. Imagine holding a new born baby in your arms. We have the power to tear it to pieces. That power is in YOUR hands and your freedom now. My god almighty we could do that thing! You have this power whether you want it or not; like it or not. And YOU must make a choice. Governments cannot do that for you. The divine itself will not do that for you; for that is YOUR job, your decision: your choice, now, and every moment of your incarnate life on earth. That is not ‘fun’, that is divine power. And who would not have a moan about that occasionally?


Never will there come a time when the second world war did not exist: it has happened, done; and the past can never be touched or undone. A thought to live with to be sure. Is that fact alone not sufficient justification for the need of annihilation and resurrection itself... in order to forget? Would you want to live with that memory for ever? For without annihilation and forgetfulness we would spend eternity weeping. Oh yes we would. Well, I would anyway; and not for myself. It is the way of being; learning, understanding, and becoming. If you cannot love yourself in the true way (as we do in the transcendent order), then you cannot love another in the true way (as we also do in the transcendent order). If you cannot forgive yourself then you cannot forgive another; for you cannot give what is not yours to give—and you cannot steal it or pretend to give it.


But the life force itself has ways and means of getting a job done... and it plays with loaded dice in the process of so doing... and that dice is FREEDOM, and cause and effects of our own actions and feed-back. Freedom from the Divine. And how else could you ever come to say ‘I love you’ without that freedom? You HAVE to be free to say ‘I love you’. What would it mean if a computer said that—or bunch of genes. Do not wait for paradise before saying ‘I love you’. Get that done first if possible. For that love is needed out here... it is what creation IS AT. We are not in the deepest part of the mine of creation on earth, but we truly are at the coal face and cutting edge of it.


What punishment is there then for the atrocities that some commit on this world, and which maybe we could all come to commit under different circumstances and pressures? What Punishment is there for rape, murder, mass genocide, exploiting ones fellow souls; tormenting the hearts and minds of young children; scaring the life out of old ladies? What punishment is there for all these kind of things? There IS a punishment, and how! The punishment is the worst punishment available in creation. The punishment is that there is NO punishment at all. None at all. And that IS the worst punishment of them all, believe you me. The worst punishment of them all. The worst punishment is the knowledge and fact of the reality of unconditional love itself. You hear this and you laugh maybe. If so then one day you will weep—with remorse!


The greatest evil in creation is remorse, and one brings the other. Feed-back you see, and oh so clever isn't it? You and I would never have thought of it or worked it out in a whole universe of a lifetime... unless it was revealed unto us. And it IS... just that—by living it and knowing it. These things you will come to know directly, and irrespective of whether you came to hear of them second hand before that time or not. Irrespective of believing it or not believing it. I had never heard of them; but you have. So give it thought whilst there is time for thinking and time for self action. The one and only bit of unsolicited advice which I would give to all young people is—try not to create remorse for yourself; for it is only you, and you alone, and whilst alone, that will have to digest it and synthesise it. And that I know. Would that we could learn by others mistakes eh?


The thing is of course is that we all come to know these things anyway when the world is taken from us. But for all intent and purpose (and function and effect) that is too late; for it is the world here and now which needs it. It is no good stuffing food and breath into a dead body. That body needs that food and breath whilst functional on earth; paradise does not need paradise—the earth does, and the people on it do. Thus it is not mere good policy to let these forces work on you—it is imperative. Do not believe these things I say herein; do not accept them. Simply look for what IS, and you will find what you will find in due course. And hopefully sooner rather than later—or too late even. The problem is that second hand understanding is not as effective as knowledge of hindsight from past personal experience. How wonderful it would be if our children really could learn from our own mistakes without having to make them all for themselves in order to know. But life does not work like that does it? And that is because each and every being is as important as any other; and they must all learn what there is to be learned, and the only way it can be done is by living it. You cannot achieve life second hand. You cannot attain to a degree of wisdom second hand. Life is mysteriously personal amid the multitude of all being—and even in Paradise itself. Life cannot be lived by proxy.


Religions will advise you to sing their song. But I would advise the young to sing their own song. But you do not know what that song is until it is axiomatic by being revealed unto you—do you!? You cannot sing a song which you do not know. You cannot be in harmony with something which you do not know. You cannot love something which you do not know and have not even met. An instrument of music cannot play itself. But when that instrument is open ended—then something comes into it and through it—and the song is sung and the music is played. Never mind as to how long the song lasts, feel the quality not the width. To live for ten million years, yet to never be alive for one day, is walking death. To have known—is all that matters. And to have known also means that something other has achieved its function also. That is worth remembering and contemplating upon. Another thing which religions have completely misunderstood is that of imperfection; so let us look at this phenomena and reality now. Let us first look at an artist or musician. What then are they striving for and aiming to achieve in their art? They are chasing a willow-the-wisp. They are chasing perfection. Have you ever met a real artist who was satisfied with their own work? No, you have not and you never will, for perfection is unattainable. But that does not stop them from trying does it?


Now, on the face of it you would assume that only a fool or an idiot would chase after an unattainable dream, an impossible goal, quintessential perfection. Now, in some respects this is quite true, and a silly thing. I could never become a mathematician in this lifetime if my life depended on it. So I do not even try, and that is smart for there are things which I can do much better. However, chasing the willow-the-wisp of perfection in anything which you do perform is not silly—it is both practical and necessary. First and foremost what is perfection? First and foremost it is that which cannot be attained. Good start! Perfection is the ESSENCE of an essence.


Perfection, if likened to numbers, is infinity. It is a number which is beyond the last possible number. It is a quality beyond the ultimate quality. It is a song which cannot be sung and a chord which cannot be played. It is a love story that cannot be told, and a jewel who's sparkle cannot be seen. So when you and I admit to our own imperfection we are very wise in so doing. But nothing we do could ever be perfect. Why then strive for perfection? The answer is oh so simple.... Because it CANNOT be attained! Do you see?  We chase it because we KNOW it cannot be got at.


If something could be attained then we would achieve it eventually. But what then? It is because perfection cannot be attained, that it is ever attractive. BUT, everything improves in the chasing it. The fact that you cannot get there means that you never stop trying to get there and improvement comes because of the movement toward it. Creation is clever isn't it!? Oh so clever. Now, one certainly does not have to see and know paradise during this lifetime in order to know a little about essences and perfection (and imperfection), for it is written into the spirit and soul within you; and acting within you. It is a part of the program of creation. Let me use another analogy here. Let us imagine that numbers were people and their intrinsic quality on earth. Let us suppose that the number one hundred is the nicest person imaginable to us and that the number one is the most gross and diabolical individual imaginable. Now, as far as any one number was concerned then how would you go about judging them and their quality? Is number ninety-nine a better person than the lowly number two? By what would you judge? You and I tend to judge on face value do we not? By what they seem to be NOW. Creation is not like that however. First and foremost how long has number ninety-nine been around and how long has number two been around these parts? Do you know for SURE?


Now, suppose that number two was sweating and toiling to become number three, of its own volition, and yet number ninety-nine was content with what it was and whilst at the same time looking down on number ninety-eight and all below it? How would you then judge between them? You have to know them a bit do you not? There is a good analogy in the proverb of the poor person giving away one penny to somebody in need and the rich man giving them one pound or a thousand pounds, or a million pounds even. But one gave everything which they had and the other gave something which they would not even miss. One cared; but the other did not give a toss. The soul does not judge by the criteria of... well, let us just say the criteria of so many people on earth. How much does a smile cost you to give away—and what effects does it have on others? Is it then cost affective? Do the advantages in the world outweigh the cost to yourself? You might not feel like smiling; but the smile which you give when you do not feel like smiling is worth far more than the smile which you give when you do feel like smiling—the latter only requires instinct and knee-jerk reaction; but the former requires volition, forethought and understanding. Is not that number two aiming for what it sees as perfection, whilst number ninety-nine has finished trying even?


How many movies have you seen which contain the now well loved ‘anti-hero’ type individual?  And can there be anybody in the world that does not warm to one good deed done by a villain? A saint is whatever a saint is, and can perhaps do no wrong. But the imperfect, such as we all are on earth, contain a quality which no saint could have... A GOAL—and the will to strive for it! Do you see; do you understand? Imperfection IS perfection! Perfect feed-back; perfect motivation. Is creation perfect? There is the type of perfection is there not when something works perfectly well without a flaw or a hiccup. Creation does just that. But what about the mountains that slide down on our towns and kill hundreds of people? Then move to somewhere where the mountains are more stable; for the world has to move and change. What about the millions starving because their land is dry, barren and unfruitful? Then go where the trees and fertile valleys are. But that land belongs to someone else. Oh, who said so? If they are not wise enough to share then they are not wise enough to own; ask them to move over a bit. If they will not then give them a shove. The spirit is no pacifist or shrinking violet when circumstances require action: and neither are mystics by the way.


What about those horrible monsters in space; everlasting hungry black holes that gobble up everything around them up? Would not something in the near proximity to a black hole be as old as the black hole and thus past its shelf date? Are they not cosmic vacuum cleaners that even clear its own mess up and make room for young stars and young planets to come forth? Creation is a wide canvas, so do not look at it with your nose pressed against it. You will not encounter a black hole whilst this world can still contain life. The only black hole you need to think about is the one which you will disappear down at the end of this lifetime... the one with the white light at the end of the tunnel! The one, at the end of which, I saw a tear; a tear of joy. And it was not I that wept, for I did not understand then. I save my weeping for when I understand. And now: now I understand. Well, just a little anyway; but enough to make one weep when observing this world.


This world will never come right unless human beings have both the collective imagination and the will to make it come right. No almighty god up the sky, or anywhere else for that matter, is going to make it come right. We already have everything which we need within us and around us in the world itself. And we have that divine magic power of freedom of choice to aim and strive toward the highest conceivable goal of the incarnate mind, or to sink into an abyss of human nausea and chaos on earth.


One day, if we are smart and play our cards right there will be no separate and insular nations on earth, but just the one body of humanity, working together in harmony and accord toward a goal, a dream, an aspiration. Why? Why not! Is life and existence worth the effort, or is it not? That is for you to decide, and to live your life accordingly. And whilst there is life on earth there is hope; and that hope springs eternal each morning. Better that it can come to be said that man died whilst aiming for a worthwhile goal, an ambition of the soul for which it strove than to be said that they gave up trying because the task seemed too difficult to accomplish on earth. And for whom or for what do we strive—ourselves? No. A particular nation? No. Self survival? No. The physical world itself? No. But we do it for a duty, a duty to life itself; and not for what life can come to offer us; but rather for what it has already done. We do not strive for a future profit or reward, we strive to pay it back. A debt that can never be repaid even if we lived incarnate for ever. And they wonder why the mystics weep.





*    *    *