In the next five sections (The Exegesis) I shall be relating events which took place many years ago, and were written down shortly after the events. I have not changed the way it was written in case it should lose any of the impact, the feelings at the time, and the viewpoint prior to many future years of hindsight. I include the exegesis at the beginning of the book in order to (as I have also been asked to do many times) justify not only the verses which I came to write on this subject matter but also supply a prose version of the spontaneous mystical states as experienced from the inside; and hence to make what follows more comprehensible—one hopes. Others of course can correlate such experiences with both their own events of this nature and documentation of other peoples experiences in this field, for the record and archives, for the promotion of a wider consensus understanding of these events.


But even more important than individual isolated experiences is the fact of the continuity of the inner evolving process of ‘becoming’. That is to say a long drawn out spiritualising process in which the incarnate aspect of the human mind gradually becomes a living reflection of what the mind is in essence in its root or ground of being. Indeed all human experience (mystic or otherwise) is all part of a continuity of personal inner growth, comprehension and affirmation of a growing unity between the individual and the rest of creation. This process is once again both a personal one and a sociological one. Each individual is gradually becoming more, and consequently human life on earth is doing the same in its evolutionary unfolding. And evolution is a long way from being finished. Indeed, it seems to me that it is nearer the beginning than the middle of the process as yet.


The transcendent reality itself can be likened to a cosmic seed, whereas the physical universe and all that is in it (including the incarnate mind) is an evolving emanation and product of that seed or essence. So too is it with our selves and our own emanation of personalised being. Our self in that ground of being is our own seed, and the incarnate form and personality is always connected to it by our own inner vortex of emanation—like a pipeline to the root and ground of being. When the topside human mind and consciousness is in harmony and accord with its root (via the spiritualising process) then not only does the individual become something a little more than what they were (incarnate) but so also do even the physical senses take in more of the spectrum of the incarnate physical world around us. Life becomes not only totally meaningful but also fuller and richer in experience and harmony with the whole. There is no differentiation (for the mystic) between the tangible (matter) and the intangible forces of creation: for it is all a spiritual emanation, but with many different aspects and modes or levels of reality. One experiences and feels the joys to a far higher degree of sensitivity. The counterpart to this is that they also feel all the pain and tragedy to a higher degree also. One cannot become more sensitive in one direction only. It will be seen (as it also is with matter) that the mind and consciousness (ours that is) at its deepest inner level is ‘simple’ compared to a fully fledged adult human being on earth as we know them. The transcendent paradise is not a prize, it is a level of conscious existence in its most basic and simplistic primordial formation (the first day). This does not mean it is less mysterious; and of course it is ultimately profound. One is often asked as to which is the best place for consciousness to be—here or there. The answer depends on where a person is at. Neither is it really a case of what is ‘best’ as such. It is a case of what is the most important to incarnate evolution. We are not needed in that level of existence. We are needed here to fulfil our existence within the whole process of the cosmic unfolding. Paradise is the womb of created minds not the ultimate goal to arrive at. Heaven only knows as to what the ultimate goal of creation is—it is too mind-boggling to even speculate upon that scenario; well, for me at least. And as they say ‘sufficient unto today are the problems contained therein’.


Hence, in order for a reader with no personal experience in these fields as yet to drift along with the exegesis a little easier, and with a picture in their mind as to what is going on, think on this…. Transcendence (Introverted Mystical experience) is something (in the initial stages at least) like the now well documented Near Death Experience—but which forgets to stop, until it returns to the bottom of the well of being. Thus, imagine creation (and our own individual psyche or mind) as being like a multi-story building or structure. On earth we (the conscious being) are living on the top floor of that structure. Imagine now a lift shaft going down past all the floors (levels of inner reality) within that structure until it reaches the basement. Consciousness is much like the passenger in the lift of that shaft. As we travel back down that vortex of emanation (up from whence we came into this world) there takes place a process which we call Purgation. That is to say that consciousness is going deeper into the systems structure than where other data is recorded within the psyche or system. The very last thing to go in that process of purgation is that of the personality, and all his or her memories. We then become ‘virgin’; as pure and unencumbered with data as we were in our beginning—for indeed it is a return to the beginning. And the beginning is also the end you see. The end is also a new beginning.


Thus it is that if science can now do all this with an electrode in the brain (not the electric chair for that will surely work) then humankind’s problems are over, and the forces which shape our being can take a few million years off duty. That’ll be the day. However, and be that as it is, the physical brain is seen to be that part of the system which connects the being (and consciousness) with this level of reality, the objective universe.


This of course is very different than the existing paradigms view that the brain actually generates consciousness. The tap in the kitchen sink does not create water, it simply lets it flow through it as a conduit with a valve for shutting it off. It is obvious to all that brain deterioration or an accident can and does cause a loss of this or that faculty, and the assumption arises that the part of the brain affected generates the potential. See it however as the mechanism and valves being damaged to the point where the deeper forces of our being cannot flow through the machine. For that is exactly what the brain is—a physical machine, and made of the stuff of the physical universe for this purpose. Much like a two way radio receiver and transmitter. Some religions of course assume that such events as spiritual encounters come solely from the outside world to bombard our consciousness which is much like a closed circuit biscuit tin inside our head with no inner depths. In reality these experiences come up the system from the depths within. It is also true that effects within the outer world can and do act as triggers within the mind—beauty, music, altruism etc: eternal essences of being. We are indeed effected both from the inner and the outer dimensions, and it is plain enough the physicality which we experience with our outer sensors does not give us any clue as to the true interrelation which is really going on between the inner and outer realities acting as a whole system. We experience being a closed and independent phenomenon, but nothing in creation is a closed independent phenomenon. We are not outside of creation looking in, we are a cognitive part of the process and structure. If a leaf on a tree could see then it would see the tree (which it is a part of) as an outside objective phenomenon—until it looked inwards and down through its own structure, and witnessed the connection. And which is indeed a good analogy.


Another important point to keep in mind is that there are two very different types of mystical (deep spiritual) experience. I used to refer to them as ‘Local’ and ‘Transcendent’ mystical experiences. Academia however has now adopted the terminology of Introverted and Extroverted mystical experience. A brief explanation (the terms are just fine by the way): Introverted means an inward experience and Extroverted means an outward experience. Consciousness can experience both ways, inwards and outwards. Likewise the mind can project an experience (image) onto the backdrop of the world. Delirium Tremens is a typical psychic event, and not one which anyone would enjoy—albeit that it usually has the effect for which it was forthcoming. But so too with outward mystical (deep spiritual—of essence) experiences. Likewise can the system also open up the range of the objective senses, such that one can see more clearer, smell more, hear better; so on and so forth. Such events also happen in many psychic experiences. It is in this way, and this way only that the sacred can be experiences both transcendent and imminent (here and now on earth).


Yet another important point to keep in mind is that all mystics are totally mad—until such time that the accuser becomes one themselves. It is much like the symbolic story of the cave and light. There are far more genuine mystics alive on earth today than most people would give credit to. But by and large of course only other mystics ever come to know of them. A great problem however, is that many who claim to be (and attempt to sell their product to a hungry world for a profit) are not. If one is indeed interested in the nature of human existence, and in this particular aspect of our being, then the old saying still holds true—and perhaps even more so today alas—beware false mystics, and so called spiritual gurus. They do far more damage than they are aware of. One must never mess with another persons mind, for their mind is sacred. Those who may frighten easily can rest assured that there is nothing to fear in these things, for the leap into the darkness and unknown is but a leap into the light and comprehension. Rest assured also of that which the mystics of all times have known and spoken of, then so too will every created mind in existence come to know personally in due course. Let us then proceed into the ultimate mystery in existence.


*    *    *