The Twenty-third Psalm


The Sacred Science Magazine,

September, 1925.


* Electronically typed and edited by Juan Schoch for educational research purposes. This notice is not to be removed. Ralph M. de Bit (Vitvan) was a student of A. K. Mozumdar. A. K. Mozumdar was a student of Arumda of whom I have next to no knowledge. Contact can be made >>



The Twenty-third Psalm


††††† A Summary of the content of this great

Psalm as we in the School of the Sacred Science

interpret its inner meaning:ó


1. The Law of my Being, which is the Fatherís Will in me, is my guide and my shepherd. Following it, I shall not want for anything on any plane of my consciousness.


2. The power of His Presence in my heart and mind will abundantly supply all my needs. As the contented cow that lies down in green pastures, so shall I be in the midst of plenty. In the abiding consciousness of His Presence my emotional nature will be tranquil as still waters.


3. Even though, through ignorance of His Light while in the darkness of sense, the creative forces of my soul were wasted, His peace and power restoreth my soul. Hence, for the sake of my Individualized Self, the All-Presence will lead me into the paths of right thinking and right living.


4. With His Presence in my consciousness fear cannot enter. Even though I walk through the valley of those who are dead to His Life and Light, I can fear nothing born of that darkness, for He is with me. The mystic rod of Aaron and the seven-knotted staff of Moses comfort me.


5. In the glory of His Presence, all who work against me shall fail, and my life and work shall succeed in their sight. The force and power generated within me by His Light shall regenerate me. His Creative Power shall flow through my head centers and open the thousand-petaled lotus; transforming me from a son of man to a Son of God. Then the holy chalice of His body will be as an overflowing fountain of Life and Light to all.


6. In this consciousness of His Presence, surely goodness and the blessings of His Life shall follow me in all the days of my life, and in every life to come. I shall dwell forever in the full realization of His Eternal Oneness.