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The Bible's Inner Meaning:
The Biblical Interpretations of Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn
by Clyde W. Burnham II

The year 1963 saw the passing of Alvin Boyd Kuhn, a
theological scholar and esoteric adept. Born in 1880 on a
farm in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Kuhn graduated
from Princeton, he studied the Greek language, to which he later
attributed great importance regarding his interests in theol-
ogy. Kuhn's graduation address, "The Lyre of Orpheus",
focused upon Jason, the Argonauts, and the Golden Fleece.
This speech, he later felt, would prime his interest in the
Orphic Mysteries.

For the next twenty-five years Dr. Kuhn was a high
school teacher of foreign languages. In 1927 he enrolled at
Columbia University where, in 1931, he received his Ph.D.
His thesis, Theosophy: A Modern Revival of the Ancient
Wisdom, was, according to Kuhn, the first instance in which
an individual has been "permitted" by any modern Ameri-
can or European university to obtain his doctorate with a
thesis on Theosophy.

His major work, The Lost Light (1940)--an exposition
of the allegories, parables, and personages of biblical Chris-
tianity as having been extant in pre-Christian paganism un-
der different forms and names--was deemed by the chair-
man of the Philosophy Department of Ohio University to
be the greatest of theological works to have occurred in the
English language.

In September of 1963 Dr. Kuhn passed away in Morris-
town, New Jersey just after completing The Ultimate
Canon of Knowledge.


The central thesis of Dr. Kuhn's work hypothesizes that
the sages of ancient mythologies did not intend for biblical
writings to be read in a literal manner, but that it was their
plan to transmit veiled truths via parable and allegory. Holy
writ, asserts Professor Kuhn, has no basis for interpretation
along historical lines. Orthodoxy's interpretation of the
Bible has resulted, in Dr. Kuhn's words, in the "uncon-
scionable stultification" of man's ability to perceive and
utilize divine truths. Moreover, Kuhn advises us that true
Christianity was proscribed in the third century and re-
placed with "Christianism." In his brilliant and illuminating
The Shadow of the Third Century, Kuhn quotes St. Au-
gustine to assert that Christianity existed in different forms
and under different names in times preceding the Galilean:

That which is known as the Christian religion existed
among the ancients, and never did not exist; from the very
beginning of the human race [perhaps this explains the
equal-arm crucifix intaglios of Neolithic times] until the
time when Christ came in the flesh, at which time the true
religion which already existed, began to be called Christi-
anity.--Retractt. I, xiii.

In his revelatory The Lost Light, Dr. Kuhn unveils the
true meanings of many of the Bible's parables and allego-
ries. Some of his depictions are as follows:

Hell, Hades, The Underworld: Hades of the Greeks,
Amenta of the Egyptians, the underworld of the ancients,
and hell of the New Testament (hell as the descendant idea
of Hades, etc.) signify, according to Kuhn, earthly exis-
tence. Hell is a glyph for the heat born of the vicissitudes of
earthly life which is necessary for a soul's development,
growth, and return to the Pleroma. Kuhn further asserts that
the ancients were not so mentally benighted as to believe
hell to be an other-worldly literal phenomenon, nor so
naive as to worship their idols (as orthodoxy would have us
believe) but merely used them to symbolize the operations
of God and his relationship to man and the universe. For
example, Kuhn avers that the Ophite Gnostics were not ser-
pent-worshippers, but merely serpent-symbolizers.

The Fall of "Genesis": "The Fall," in Kuhn's esoteric
interpretation, was not a primeval calamity which befell
man but the necessary descent of souls into bodies--incar-
nation, a type of boot-camp for the soul, required for it to
return more energized and glorious to the Pleroma. This re-
turn to the Pleroma after incarnation is the same explana-
tion which he offers for the parable of the prodigal son.

Baptism: To be baptized by water, as described by
John, implies the taking up of residence by the soul within
flesh, which of course, is composed mostly of water.

Sin, The Law, Death: Kuhn reveals that "sin" as dis-
cussed in Romans is merely the soul's state of being
within the body before it has seen the dawn of the Pneuma
and Illumination which initiates the revivification of the
soul. "The Law" as portrayed in chapter seven of Romans
is declared by Dr. Kuhn to be the Pleromatic compulsion to
enter into incarnation. Furthermore, Kuhn discloses that the
soul is a fragment of the primal energy of God's being and
that its entry into the body guaranteed our birth but also
meant the partial and temporal death of God. Eden was the
first generation of people--true Homo sapiens brought
forth from the early hominids by God's descent into the
flesh. This descent is the true meaning of religion's Eucha-
rist and anthropology's "missing link." "We are," as Kuhn
suggests, "a colony of Heaven."

The "Wrath of God": Kuhn gives expression to the
biblical "wrath of God" not as God's anger with man but as
"the universally burning, consuming, transforming, build-
ing, and destroying energy of life itself, always anciently
characterized as fire."

The Beast: The "Beast" of Revelation, affirms Kuhn,
is the lower man, as opposed to the "overself," in each of
us. Moreover, Revelation's account would seem to imply a
temporal arousal of the Beast on a collective basis occur-
ring prior to our ascension or return to the Pleroma at some
point during the Aquarian Age.

Armageddon and the Lake of Fire: These two as-
pects of the "revelations" do not refer to a world catastro-
phe as has been the hope of some fundamentalist sects but
refer to the warfare experienced between spiritual and ma-
terial energies "on the stage of human consciousness . . .
The Battle of Armageddon is the Battle of Incarnation," as-
serts Professor Kuhn.

The Twelve Apostles: It is Kuhn's contention that the
twelve Apostles are allegories for the twelve powers of
spiritual light energy that will eventually be unfolded by
man in twelve stages of spiritual evolution. They are sym-
bolized by the twelve signs of the Zodiac which, in turn,
became glyphed as the twelve Apostles. Before the betrayal
of Jesus by Judas, the Apostles were instructed to go to a
particular house (Luke 22:10). Upon arrival they found the
man bearing the water-pitcher as promised by Jesus. This
water-carrier symbolizes the re-manifestation of all sublime
characteristics of each previous age within that of the Aq-
uarian Age when a collective world-experience of the
Pneuma (Christ) shall occur.

The Crucifix: Kuhn made the logical and esoterically
correct declaration that the cross is much more than a mere
instrument of death. It is "the axial crossing of soul and
body . . . The savior is not nailed on the tree; he is the tree.
He unites in himself the horizontal human-animal and the
upright divine."


Exoteric Christian orthodoxy would have us believe
that Christ was the only-begotten or exclusive Son of God.
However, Kuhn dispels this erroneous assertion by inform-
ing us that the word "monogenes" does not mean "only-be-
gotten" as exoterica has interpreted it from the Greek.
Rather, its proper translation is "born of one parent." Thus
we all possess the opportunity of a Sonship with God.
Kuhn also discloses that such Church Fathers as Origen,
Clement, and others "expressly repudiated" the idea of an
exclusive Sonship, deeming it a blasphemy.

A message of hope is the significant value of Dr.
Kuhn's theology. The hope for humanity is that our souls,
independent of our physical mortality, are at the lowest pos-
sible point and are as dead as they can ever be. The remain-
der of the soul's journey along the spiritual arc is, accord-
ing to Kuhn, an upward ascent into conditions vastly ex-
alted above the vicissitudes of this plane of existence.


Among Kuhn's other works are: Who Is This King of
Glory? (Academy Press, 1934), Sex as Symbol (Academy
Press, 1945), Easter: Birthday of the Gods (Theosophical
Publishing House), and A Rebirth for Christianity (Theo-
sophical Publishing House, 1970).