10:05 January 12th. 2003 (12/1/03)


I am looking for the few individuals who have achieved a drive for
a higher order of responsibility for the stewardship of all life
and our planet Earth. These individuals will know by reading herein
that this is a serious pursuit, a desperate, driven, but necessary
quest, that hopefully will circumvent all the nonsense of
mysticism, religion, the occult, neo-visionary, materialistic,
alien, conspiracy, and other such folly regarding the state of Man.
It is a pursuit of the future, for the future of those of vision
and humility.

Man and Earth are together a place of intelligence and evolution,
which the latter, in Man, can be found in a harmonious relationship
between intellect and intuition leading to a higher degree of
understanding and comprehension and a higher degree of universal
morality. This is not a request in pursuit of an elite or yet,
another cult; it is a hope that a few people will be drawn to
correspond at a genetic peer level - that is, those people that
have evolved intellectually faster than the mainstream population
and feel a strong desire to bring reason and accord to humanity,
without being too obvious to chaotic society.

Those who respond, in my opinion (imo), will need to have lived an
intellectually independent life from the mainstream, will have
suffered somewhat from attempting to share their understandings,
have spent many years in quietly searching answers from science and
the philosophies, are skeptical about such things as this statement
and are dubious about revealing their name to a public forum; yet,
are passionate about, before meeting death, contributing something
worthwhile to the future generations and to the future of this
planet, no matter how small. You will also have a desire to remain
anonymous and will not demand any recognition for your
contributions of effort. You need not be a part of an organization,
you need not contribute money; you will only need to complicitly
investigate as to how to make a contribution of effort that will
bring benefit to future generations, without acknowledgement. You
will only be rewarded for your efforts by your own self and the
knowledge and feeling that you are, indeed contributing something.

Whatever you believe is your own private affair and is not open for
discussion, nor are politics, religion and science, topics for this
intended private collaboration. This intended forum is purely and
strictly for the discussion of small intellectual applications that
could bring some beneficial affects to all life and the progress of
humanity in accord with universal nature - thought.

It will not be a forum for endless discussion and argument; it is
intended that short statements will and should attract their own
attention and result in their own action. An exchange of ideas,
thoughts, intellectual remarks in particular contexts that may
arise; a silent symphony of exchange, that man bear the fruit of
complicit action through pure thought built upon knowledge,
experience and desire. There will be no flames; just respect so if
you don't like a comment, ignore it. The only rules, are respect
and brevity.

Resources may be exchanged via individuals but arguments and
positions are not to be crudely or forcefully projected or imposed.
Make a statement and if you get a reaction; good. If not, leave it
for another day, or drop it. I will start the contexts but later
this should become group initiated. Short statements are preferred
as are short replies. Effort of consolidated random thinking is the
objective; stimulation and an exchange of simplification arise from
huge complexities. Random dynamics.

If you find this page and wish to respond please do so through an
anonymous email address and make a short statement of yourself, as
you reflect on this statement. I will be the judge, for the present
only, as the initiation comes from me, but this will change. I will
then arrange a suitable non-public electronic forum for open
submission. Please be patient.

Please do not circulate this Universal Resource Locator (URL) or
notice as it is important that the correct people find this page by
random effort. You find this or if it finds you, is enough for

Replies to: pc93@enlightenment-enginedot.net (extricate the word dot)

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