* Electronically typed and edited by Juan Schoch for educational research purposes. This notice is not to be removed. I can be contacted at pc93@enlightenment-engine.net. I will be greatly indebted to the individual who can put me in touch with the Estate of Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn and/or any of the following: A. B. Kuhnís graduation address at Chambersburg Academy "The Lyre of Orpheus", A. B. Kuhnís unpublished autobiography, The Mighty Symbol of the Horizon, Nature as Symbol, The Rebellion of the Angels, The Ark and the Deluge, The True Meaning of Genesis, The Law of the Two Truths, At Sixes and Sevens, Adam Old and New, The Real and the Actual, Immortality: YesóBut How?, The Mummy Speaks at Last, Symbolism of the Four Elements, Rudolph Steiner's "Mystery of Golgotha", Krishnamurti and Theosophy.

I also would welcome any contact with someone who has any letters of Kuhn or has any personal knowledge of him. Thank you.

Recently (January 15, 2005) I was contacted by a 15 year old student of Upton High (state and city to be determined) who wanted to interview me in regards to the life of Sir Francis Bacon (Lord Verulam). The interview was conducted and this student asked me if there was anything else. This is what I relayed:

There is a nationally and worldwide known issue of a disabled person in my state (Florida) who is being subjected to attempted murder. Her name is Theresa Marie Schindler-Schiavo. The courts say that she is in a Persistent Vegetative State when in fact she is not, they lie. Videos were shown on CNN during a live feed that prove she is not comatose. She sits up in a chair. Her husband who lives with another woman for over 9 years and who has two children with this woman is trying to say that Theresa wants to die when in fact he has been denying her rehabilitation and therapy so that she can have her own voice and be back on to the road to her recovery. He has been with several women since he caused Theresa's incident and this is his latest live-in concubine who is in collusion with him to make Theresa dead. His attorneys are attempting to accomplish a heinous starvation/dehydration death on her for the third time. One of his attorneys wrote a book in which he talks about tearing out peoples feeding tubes and says he speaks to them by "soul speak" asking them if they want to die and they tell him along the lines "Yes, I want to die! Please kill me." The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast is holding her hostage for over 4 years. This feeding tube yanker attorney was chairman of the board of this hospice. This is the worst case of domestic terrorism happening in our country right now. While we are off in other countries helping helpless and disabled people the government has been remiss to save a human life from terrorism here in my state. There is a cover-up of mass proportions and I have the evidence on a CD to prove it. This message is to you and all of your classmates and teachers who may be reading this. Please contact others if you know of others who care to stop this murder. Perhaps you, or others, including activist friends, know people who have the power to stop what is happening here in my state or bring greater attention to what is going on. Contact me at pc93@enlightenment-engine.net or call me at 407-925-4141 and I will get whatever information you may need. Help me and others to stop the return of Nazi T4 days in Florida, the rest of the United States of America and the world. We must take a stand and make our voices heard.

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Lecturer Taught Languages,

Wrote About Scripture


Special to the New York Times

ELIZABETH, N.J., Sept. 14

—Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn, an au-

thor, lecturer and former teach-

er of languages, died today at

Morristown Memorial Hospital.

He was 82 years old, and lived

at 125 Murray St.

Dr. Kuhn wrote 10 books and

20 booklets on religion, philoso-

phy, psychology, semantics and

Bible interpretation. He gave

1,945 lectures in the United

States and Canada, discussing

among many subjects, the Dead

Sea scrolls.

Dr. Kuhn, who received a Doc-

tor of Philosophy degree from

Columbia University, taught

Latin, Greek, French, German,

Spanish and English in high

schools in Chambersburg, Har-

risburg and elsewhere in Penn-

sylvania. He studied Hebrew and

hieroglyphics for his work in

Bible interpretation.

His works include: "The Lost

Light," "Shadow of the Third

Century," "Who is the King of

Glory?," "India's True Voice,"

"The Lost Key to the Scrip-

tures," "Man's Two Births" and

"The Red Sea."

Dr. Kuhn received a B.A. de-

gree from Franklin and Marshall

College, where he was for a

time secretary to the president.

He is survived by a son, Dr.

Alfred Kuhn, a professor at the

University of Cincinnati; a

daughter, Mrs. William Caul-

well, wife of a faculty member

at Millersville (Pa.) State Col-

lege, and four grandchildren.